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Welcome back! Before reading on any further, why not check out Pt.1 featuring Man-Ape, The Vulture, and Mephisto? Here's the link

Be warned one spoiler for Civil War lay ahead, but it'll probably go over your head

Now, let's continue, we left off with Black Panther, which is followed by,

Avengers: Infinity War Pt. 1- Thanos, other villains

There's no doubt that Thanos will be the big bad of Marvel's big superhero get together. However, that doesn't rule out any other villains. While Marvel has a habit of killing off many villains, there are a fair few still breathing, including

Loki, Nebula, Klaue, Wilson Fisk, Abomination, Justin Hammer, Baron Zemo, The Collector, and Red Skull.

Oh what's that? Red Skull is dead? I don't think so....

Here are a few reasons,

1) Red Skull is Captain America's arch nemesis, and both Ironman and Thor's are still around (Mandarin and Loki)

2) Red Skull's "death" wasn't very natural, and it looked more like him being sucked up into space.

3) HYDRA is still somewhat operational, and I don't fully believe HYDRA is just following people like Strucker blindly

Yeah, so if this is the case, its not just the dude with the glove The heroes of Earth (and Guardians of the Galaxy) have to worry about.

Ant-Man and The Wasp- Crossfire

Now, the fact that The Ant-Man sequel takes place in between the two Infinity War movies leads to some questions, will our miniature heroes be present in Part 1? Maybe not, although an Earth threatening event like Thanos should definitely get their attention. Whatever the case may be, Crossfire is a likely option to clash with Ant-Man and Wasp. I'm not just saying it because he's the cousin of Darren Cross AKA Yellowjacket, but also because he's a character that can be used again later on.

William Cross was a CIA agent who was creating brainwashing technology. He went missing with his technology and lost his left eye during an attempt on his life. He replaced it with cybernetic implants, and went on to complete his goal of making the superheroes destroy each other (Civil War Anyone?) While Crossfire has no superhuman abilities, he is an expert in robotics and brainwashing techniques, which could be used to mess up Bucky, (Please don't though) and is an expert marksman, as well as carrying a sniper rifle.

What's next?

Captain Marvel- Moonstone

Moonstone is Captain Marvel's arch enemy, and she has similar strength and power, which sets her up as a formidable foe. She could easily hold her own against Captain Marvel, and she would serve as an excellent lieutenant for Thanos. So let's dive in to some history

Well, Karla Sofen doesn't have a pretty pre-criminal history, as she always was on the villainous side of things. She worked as a psychiatrist and did some pretty horrendous things, I'll just stop right there. Anyways, she worked as a psychiatrist for the original Moonstone, and convinced him to give up the source of his powers. With the Kree Gravity Stone, possibly another Infinity Stone maybe, she has gained powers of flight, intangibility, super strength, and energy projection. She's vulnerable however, to beings on the astral plane, like a certain mystical sorcerer we know.

Avengers: Infinity War Pt 2: The Magus

Now, its no doubt by now that everyone has seen the references to Adam Warlock, in the Collectors Room? Alright then, theory goes like this, one of our mystery GOTG 2 cast members is playing Adam Warlock, the hero, and joins the team by the end. Then, when the credits roll on Pt. 1 of Infinity War, BOOM

Adam Warlock gets his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, and turns into his villainous form, the Magus. Well, who is he and what kind of abilities does he possess?

Well, Adam Warlock is a perfect being who is created by scientists, and is given the Soul Stone by the High Evolutionary. He runs into conflict with the Magus, who he finds out is his future evil self who goes mad because of the Soul Stone. He defeats the Magus by altering time and stealing his own soul to ensure the Magus doesn't come to be. After an attempt to steal his gem is made, he learns about the other Infinity Stones, and then after some mystical space-time mumbo jumbo involving Warlock temporarily getting trapped in the soul stone, Warlock manages to defeat Thanos and end his reign of terror. Warlock returns when Thanos is resurrected and defeats him once more and gets the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession, and then he is split into good and evil beings, the evil one being the Magus. With the soul gem, Warlock can trap others inside it and he also has abilities like energy projection, production of wormholes, and teleportation. Warlock can also preserve himself in a cocoon, which we've seen twice in the MCU.

So there you have it! The possible villains of the MCU going forth!

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