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Last week, Candace Payne went viral after live-streaming her latest purchase: A talking Chewbacca mask. Her undeniable and totally contagious delight quickly made the video the most-watched live stream on Facebook after racking up more than 140 million views.

Now, this happy Wookiee is back, and this time around Candace — now lovingly known as the Chewbacca Mom — is behind the wheel, helping James Corden get to work. But she has another Star Wars superfan to accompany her. Enter The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams

Check out the video from The Late Late Show With James Corden below:

Talk about a great carpool and some seriously infectious laughter! I imagine Candace's excitement at the chance to meet Abrams made her an even happier Chewbacca than before. You can see her awesome reaction in this video around the 2:25 minute mark.

As delightful as this viral video is, there has been one major drawback since it hit the Web. Hasbro's Chewbacca mask, which used to retail for around $32, is now being sold on Amazon and Ebay for $500. This bump in prices makes it a bit difficult to partake in all the fun.

Image credit: Ebay
Image credit: Ebay

But don't worry! The company will likely start churning out more Chewiee masks soon to meet fan demands. In the meantime, we can all live vicariously through Candace Payne with her video and pretend we're the ones donning the Wookiee mask.


Do you plan on purchasing a Chewbacca mask for yourself?


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