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There's no way that Kansas hasn't sent the Supernatural crew a few gift baskets for the sudden bump in sales for Carry on, My Wayward Son because it has become synonymous with Supernatural. Whenever that music plays, it almost always means it's the end of the season and we are getting a recap of the moments that previously happened. And that is one thing that has kept Supernatural on air. It's moments. Whether these moments be funny, sad, happy, or down right depressing, Supernatural has had some amazing moments. I'd like to share with you what I consider some of the great moments of Supernatural.

I...shot the Sheriff

Victor Henriksen had been chasing Sam and Dean all over the country trying to arrest them for murders and a bank robbery that they didn't commit. Victor finally catches them and keeps them locked up in a local police station while his people at the FBI could transport them elsewhere. While in lock up, Victor was possessed by a demon and shot the sheriff who was trying to help the Winchesters prepare for incoming demons. After Sam exercises the demon from Victor, he finally realized that all the supernatural stuff he had been told was true. In a state of shock, Victor says "I...shot the sheriff". I remember thinking "Dean, you better say it. You HAVE to say it". and he did. Dean responded "But you didn't shoot the deputy". Sam wasn't as amused as Dean was. I was though.

Weekend At Bobby's

Everyone who watches Supernatural loves Bobby Singer and knows how important he is to the Winchesters and hunters across the country. Now, we've heard how good Bobby is, but actually seeing what he went through on a regular basis was an amazing idea. We get to see some of hundreds of phone calls he gets, the research does, questions he answers, and so much more. On top of that, Rufus and Bobby work together on a case. Those two alone are worth the price of admission.

Trying to get Dick

God's most ruthless creations have been let loose on Earth. Not only are they almost impossible to beat, they're smart, they work as a group, and their leader is an amazing Dick. Err, his name is Dick, Dick Roman. Dick was probably the show's best villain. He was one of the few that left a lasting mark on the Winchesters. He did so by killing Bobby. If that wasn't enough, every time they seemed to have a way to stop Dick, Dick had a backup or a contingency plan. There's also the multiple Dick entendres throughout this season. Dean became very obsessed with getting Dick by any means necessary. *Rim shot*

Dean Goes To Hell

All throughout season 3, we all kept saying that there was no way that Dean dies and gets sent to Hell. How could he? He's one of the lead characters. Well, we were all dead wrong (pun intended). Not only did Dean go to Hell, he got the full on Hell Hounds treatment. What topped it all off was the last image of Dean getting tortured in Hell begging and pleading for help. Granted, we all had a feeling he would be back, but he WAS in Hell. And any time spent there is more than enough.

Why'd you use tongue?

The Apocalypse is almost upon us, Sam and Dean have the rings of the horsemen war, pestilence, and famine. Now all they need is death's. All they had to do was find him. Easier said than done. So Bobby made a deal with Crowley. Crowley can find death, he just needs Bobby to sell his soul and make a deal. Sam and Dean found out and they weren't happy. Sam was actually more concerned about how they sealed the deal. With crossroad demons, you seal the deal with a kiss. And, well, apparently Bobby used tongue.

Oh, Death

The smoothest and rightfully most feared character on the show. Why do I single him out? Because of this one scene that you see up above. He is so much more than a horseman. The other three all had agendas while Death was just himself. He's not a person, but a force of nature. Guy bumps into him and kills him with a brush of his shoulder and he does it so calm and effortlessly. And in the end, he will reap God too.

Charlie Dies and Dean Kills Everyone

Charlie gets Sam and Dean information they need and it costs her her life. The Frankensteins killed Charlie and Dean was not happy. Dean was already struggling with the rage and blood lust that came with the Mark of Cain and Charlie's death set him over the top. Dean goes after them and even though he was tied down, he escaped and killed every Frankenstein in that building. Then goes back to his base (the Men of Letters' base) and kills the two who were trying to burn the place down. Only thing left was to let the last pacifist Frankenstein go. NOPE! Dean kills him too. The episode ends with Dean beating the holy snot out of Castiel before leaving their base.

HEY, @$$-BUTT!!!!

The fight was about to happen. Lucifer got Sam as a vessel and Michael acquired Sam and Dean's other brother Adam. The fight was about to go down, but Dean interrupts and gives one more plea for Sam to fight Lucifer's hold over him. Michael told Dean to step aside, but before he could go after Dean, he was molotoved with holy oil and temporarily taken out of the fight. It wasn't the action that made this moment memorable. It was Castiel getting Michael's attention by yelling, "Hey, @$$-butt".

The Real World

If there is an episode I've watched more times than I should have, it is definitely The French Mistake. One of the great things about this show is that every so often we get a really goofy episode. This one has to be the goofiest. Sam and Dean get sent to the "real world" and can't understand, well, anything. Castiel is obsessed with Twitter, the Impala isn't real, the actors playing Sam and Dean hate each other, Sam is married to Ruby (the actress anyway), and what kind of person names a character after himself (Robert "Bobby" Singer is a writer and executive producer on the show in real life)? It's almost impossible to take any part of this episode serious.

Don't You Cry No More

For The Supernatural 200th episode, Sam and Dean come across a high school group putting on a play of the Supernatural books. While the episode wasn't that great, the show ends on what I feel is the sweetest and most sentimental moment of the show. The video above explains it all.


Season 11 is over and a lot of us are anticipating season 12. Who knows whether or not this will be the final season. One thing is for certain, there will be definitely be more great moments to come.

What are some of your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments below.


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