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I have a question to ask you, what makes a hero so unforgettably awesome? Is it their sparkling and entertaining personality? Their dashing good looks? Their witty but sarcastic comments? Well, probably, but something I learnt from all my years of watching heroes fly across the screen, both big and small, is that some of the most epic and amazing characters have one thing in common - they all wear a long coat. Wait, don't laugh, think about it. Some of the greatest characters ever created are iconic for wearing a long bellowing coat, even when the weather outside screams otherwise. I have searched the fandoms for the greatest characters to ever wear a long coat and so, without further ado, I present to you 10 of the most iconic men and women to ever wear a long coat:

1. Sherlock

Sherlock and Watson
Sherlock and Watson

Having been rocking the long coat since 2010, this high functioning sociopath has dumbfounded audiences (and his sidekick, Watson) as he unraveled some of the greatest mysteries that ever plagued London. We all know about the dreary London weather (no offense intended), and a long coat is all you need to keep the cold out, but still look dignified at a crime scene, wouldn't you agree?

2. Captain Hook

Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time
Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time

Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time truly does look dashing in his long leather coat. The infamous pirate that haunted the seas around Neverland really does set the scales for pirate-ware. But don't let the coat and hook scare you, he's a total softy at heart, especially when it's concerning a certain Emma Swan.

3. 10th Doctor

There has been a long line of Doctors (13 if you include the War Doctor) and each one with his own iconic look, from striped scarves to fezzes, but only one reincarnation, the 10th Doctor, could pull off the long coat look. With a sonic screwdriver and his trusted TARDIS, he travels across time and space, saving the Earth, and the rest of the universe, on an almost daily basis. That alone makes him worthy of any hero list.

4. Jack Harkness

Captain Jack was originally a companion of the 10th Doctor and he mastered the coat look from day one. After causing a bit of comical havoc across time and space, Jack became the leader of a secret organization known as Torchwood that had one aim: to protect the Earth at any cost. And, through thick and thin, Jack and his crew fulfilled their mission, accompanied by quite the concoction of amusing side comments.

5. Malcolm Reynolds

Another space traveler, Malcolm Reynolds (nicknamed Mal) was the captain of the Firefly-class transport shop, Serenity. For Malcolm, his coat wasn't just a fashion statement, but a symbol of whose side he fought for during the Unification War (long story). Mal and his crew fought for the Independents and were nicknamed the Browncoats for obvious reasons.

6. Neo

Neo is the main protagonists of the world famous Matrix Trilogy, destined to bring an end to the Machine War and save humanity from the Matrix. True to the prophecy, Neo proved to be 'The One,' exhibiting masterful fighting skills which resulted in a number of epic fight-sequences that were made even more awesome by his unusual choice of coat.

7. Dana Scully

Now we can't leave out the the equally as awesome coat wearing women. Although there aren't as many women as there are men, we cannot forget the iconic Dana Scully from The X-Files. An FBI special agent and medical doctor with a science background, she was just the person to deal with the notorious X-Files. Dana has spent years solving the unsolvable and has done it in style.

8. Castiel

Everyone's favorite fallen angel, Castiel, is the Winchesters' faithful friend and companion in apocalyptic defying battles. He's been killed, disintegrated, and cast down from Heaven, but one thing still remains intact - his trench coat. This trench coat is like any other ordinary trench coat, but it has become synonymous with Castiel. Other characters may wear their coats but there is no Castiel without his coat.

9. Spike

The Big Bad of the list, Spike is the hero who no expected to be a hero. Being a vampire, roaming the streets at night comes with the territory, so wearing all black isn't much of a big deal and neither would a long coat. But this coats isn't any ordinary coat, it was a souvenir from the last Vampire Slayer he killed. Although reformed, Spike refuses to remove this coat, no matter how bloody its past is.

10. Clark Kent

Yes, there have been quite a number of Clark Kents and each one was awesome in his own way. But, for this list, Smallville's Clark is the one to fit the bill. Back in the day, when Clark was still finding his feet in Metropolis, when he used to go out saving people they didn't call him Superman, or not right away anyway, they simply called him the 'Blur'. He didn't wear tights or a bright red cape back then, just a looming black coat and the Mark of El on his top. We all know about Clark Kent, do I really need to elaborate more on why he's on this list?

These characters come from all across time and space. Some are time travelers, others missionaries. Some are just common men (but I wouldn't tell Sherlock that) while others bathed in the darkness, but they do all have one simple thing in common, they all wear an awesome coat. At this rate they should really start making it part of the job description with these hero type characters. Want to win the hearts of fans all around world? Well, the first step should be to wear an iconic and awesome coat. It's always a good start with the fans.


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