ByLd Kristoffer J Chelidoni, writer at
Ld Kristoffer J Chelidoni

Fair warning, spoiler's ahead.

While many fans are grieving at the death of our beloved one-worded friend, Hodor, after the events of the latest episode of Game of Thrones The Door, many have missed a crucial revelation.

Bran can manipulate the past while warging. While readers of the books may know this already, fans of the TV series may not have grasped the implications of this ability. With the ability to manipulate the past, Bran can now intercede upon past events in an attempt to change the present. Possibly influencing his mother, brothers or sisters, or any number of other major players into doing what he thinks is best.

In a strange twist of fate, he could even prevent himself from becoming crippled. He could also be the willful force behind all of the events thus seen and is destined to live out the life he has lived thus far.

With the balance of power in Westeros at stake, we can only wait and see what will become of Bran as he becomes a major player in the series.


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