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Everyone loves a good movie death. They can be funny, brutal, surprising, and vengeful. What you have below are some movie deaths that raise all sorts of emotions.

Final Destination: Catching the Bus

This might be the most memorable movie death of my generation. If not the most memorable, it's easily one of the funniest. Seeing this woman go on a long rant only to have her last words be, "You can drop f***ing dead" before being hit by a bus out of nowhere was surprising and actually hilarious. After this particular death, people began looking for more and more creative deaths. No longer would your run of the mill decapitation or evisceration get more than a smirk. It certainly wouldn't make people scared or jumpy. The bar had officially been raised.

Tucker and Dale VS Evil: Wood Chipper for the Win!!!!

I think this was proven in an episode of Supernatural, but wood chipper beats everything. If you enjoy comedies and slasher flicks and you've never seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to buy Tucker and Dale V.S. Evil. This is easily one of the single most silly and gory movies I've ever come across. These kids think Tucker and Dale are these crazy killer rednecks, but Tucker and Dale are just, well, clumsy idiots. These kids get in their head that they have to save their friend and try to kill them. One kid in particular runs at Tucker while he is putting wood in a chipper and Tucker ducks. You can guess what happens to the moron.

Deep Blue Sea: A SHARK ATE ME!

That was a pretty nice speech, but it was all for naught. One of the few times when you legitimately didn't see this death coming when you first see the movie. I mean, he's Samuel L. Jackson and he just gave a motivating speech about how they were going to survive super smart sharks. Oh well, too bad sharks don't speak English and have never seen Pulp Fiction. Speaking of Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction: I shot Marvin

Jules feels he and Vincent were just part of an act of God. That God herself came down and saved them from death. Vincent, not so much (mind you, had he quit with Vincent Bruce Willis wouldn't have killed him). Marvin, who's quiet in the backseat, is asked by Vincent how he felt. Marvin had no opinion and a few moments later didn't have a head. No bump in the road or anything. The gun just went off. No miracle for him.

Punisher (2004): Both of 'em

Howard Saint put a hit out on Frank Castle and his entire family and they succeeded. They killed his entire family and then left him for dead. They should have made certain Frank Castle was dead. Before Castle killed the man that o.k.ed the hit on his family, he destroyed every part of his life. Punisher stole his money, ruined his reputation with drug connections, made Saint him kill his wife, his best friend, Punisher kills his second and only remaining child son, kills Howard Saint, and leaves destroying Saint's home. This was revenge done right.

Thoughts? What are your favorite deaths? Let me know in the comments below

PLEASE give us a sequel
PLEASE give us a sequel

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