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The second season of The Flash has finally concluded and it's safe to say it went out it with a big bang and a whole lot of questions to ask. Not only did it raise more questions than we had before going into the finale but it set up some pretty cool things for Season 3.

Oh, and if you have not watched the episode, be careful for MAJOR SPOILERS for the finale and potential spoilers for Season 3!!!

(The Real) Jay Garrick

Who didn't see this coming?
Who didn't see this coming?

It was no surprise that the Man in the Iron Mask turned out to be the real Jay Garrick, who is the doppelganger for Henry Allen. When I wrote a piece stating evidence why the Man in the Iron Mask is actually Jay Garrick (click here), many people wondered how that could be true. When Barry, Cisco, and Harry traveled to Earth-2, Barry got to speak to his mom on the phone, at least the Earth-2 version of her. She said that she and his father were going on a cruise.

It turns out that this doppelganger of Henry Allen is not from Earth-2 but from Earth-3! The actual reveal wasn't a surprise yet that reveal was. It appears that the show has mixed up what Earth-2 and Earth-3 were in the comics. How so? In the comics, Earth-2 is the earth where Jay Garrick roams. Earth-3 in the comics is the crime syndicate earth, which was home to evil versions of many heroes, such as the Crime Syndicate of America (the evil version of the Justice League). On the show, we have seen Caitlin, Cisco, Ronnie, Laurel, and many other characters take on evil versions of themselves on Earth-2.

Moving forward, we will see Jon Wesley Shipp take on a bigger role on The Flash as Jay Garrick. During Season 3, he will most likely be a regular on the show. However, the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow revealed that the DC TV universe will be doing the Justice Society, which will most likely eventually become its own show. Who is the leader of the Justice Society? It is none other than Jay Garrick himself. See how everything ties in? It's awesome, right?

Flashpoint Paradox

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed with the finale, at least at first. After Iris walked inside and Barry continued to mope on the porch, I thought to myself "Well, where the hell are they going to go now?" All of a sudden, Barry looks into the house, saying “That’s why I’m so sorry, but I have to do this,” and he runs off as The Flash, popping into a breach. He travels back to the night of his mother’s murder and stops the Reverse Flash from killing her. Barry then spotted the Season 1 version of himself fade away. There was now only one word in my head: "Flashpoint."

Many of you who don't understand what a lot of us are geeking out about are probably very confused. What is Flashpoint? The Flashpoint Paradox is one of the Flash's most famous story lines, and probably one of the best. Written by Geoff Johns, Barry goes back in time to save his mother and it causes a temporal ripple in the timeline. It is then when The Flash realizes he must fix the timeline in order to restore balance to the timeline. That is a very dumbed-down summary of Flashpoint which explains what the TV show will use also.

The TV show will use that concept for the whole 'Flashpoint' arc they will do in the third season. I'm not sure whether or not they will spend a whole season on Flashpoint. However, The Flash has moved at a very fast pace (no pun intended) where they are almost going through the source material too fast. Therefore, there is not reason to rush Flashpoint and only do the story for half a season or less. Doing it for a full season is the perfect opportunity for the show to slow down.

On the show, we will first be introduced to the new altered timeline. Barry will then realize all the wrong he has done as he sees all the ones close to him. He will then have to team up with someone to help restore the timeline. Eventually when he does fix it, this is when he will hold his hand up to the Season 1 Flash and tell him to stop. The white-symboled Flash we saw in the Season 1 finale could actually be from Season 3! What could be even better? What if this is what the crossover could be? The Legends could help Barry fix the timeline with the help of Green Arrow and Supergirl. Now how cool would that be? Seeing Flashpoint on The Flash is going to be the best thing ever!

The Black Racer

Most people are discussing the Man in the Iron Mask reveal and Flashpoint, but most of them forget to mention something equally as magnificent: the Black Racer. Instead of killing off Zoom like most of us suspected would happen, Barry devised a plan to hand him off to the Time Wraiths. They didn't kill Zoom but turned him into the Black Racer. I think the show handled it in a pretty awesome way.

The Black Racer is the physical manifestation of an aspect of Death and is one of the Flash's most menacing villains. The way they set him up on the show makes me think that he will try and hunt Barry down for changing the timeline as the Black Flash is forced into service for the Speed Force. When everything goes back to normal, he could become Barry's primary foe for the rest of the season.

What did YOU guys think of the season finale? How do you think Season 3 is going to turn out? Tell me below!


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