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Excuse me if i'm still shaking while writing those lines. The Flash made one hell of a finale, the kind of episode that will change the Arrowverse forever.

In this last episode, Barry finally put Zoom's reign of terror to an end, and in doing so basically saved the entire multiverse. The show picked up right after Henry's death and dealt with the aftermath of this horrible scene, showing Barry at his worse, dealing with the loss of his only remaining parent.

After the death of Zoom, things seemed to be going for the best as we saw Team Flash celebrating yet another victory. However, Barry who had lost the most in this battle, felt so hollow that he took the decision to go back in time and save the only person he thought he could, his mother.

By doing so, The Flash erased almost 20 years of history and possibly set in motion one of DC's most successful storyline: The Flashpoint Paradox.

What Is The Flashpoint Paradox?

In the comics, the actions leading to Flashpoint are pretty much the same. Barry, wanting so much to see his mother again, went back in time and saved her from her cruel fate. But by doing so, he not only changed his mother's destiny but he also completely altered the timeline and lost his speed in the process.

Bruce Wayne was the one killed instead of his parents, Thomas becoming the Batman and Martha The Joker. Not only that but the Amazons and Atlanteans went to war against one another and Superman's pod crashed in Metropolis instead of Smallville causing him to be detained by the government for years.

Realizing how he completely messed up the timeline, Barry convinced Thomas Wayne to help him get his speed back. And trying to correct his mistake, Barry changed the status quo of the entire DC Universe and launched the New 52.

What Could It Mean For The Arrowverse?

It is a given that Barry's actions in the finale are going to not only affect The Flash but also Arrow, and to a lesser extent Legends of Tomorrow.

What would it mean for Arrow? The events of the past four years could be temporary erased until the mega Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends Of Tomorrow crossover planned next year. Such an approach would be truly bold for a show in need of fresh ideas, and shaking the status quo a bit would elevate the stakes going into the crossover.

Also, what happened on The Flash could open the door for Supergirl, who as you may know, is now part of The CW. The big crossover has already been announced between all four shows and a crisis of some sort would be the perfect way to introduce the show to the Arrowverse.

Supergirl originates from another Earth but if the events that occurred on The Flash were meant to change the timeline as much as Flashpoint did in the past, the Girl Of Steel could potentially end up joining Earth-1, thus allowing the highly-anticipated 4-hours crossover to happen.

And if The Flash could correct some events that occurred on Arrow, I surely wouldn't mind.

The Flash returns this fall on The CW.


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