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SPOILER ALERT for tonight's season finale of "The Flash". STOP READING NOW!

Tonight's episode of "The Flash" concluded Season Two with the answers we've been waiting for since the beginning of the season, along with a huge cliffhanger that will undoubtedly leave lasting repercussions on the progression of Season Three of "The Flash".

The Flash defeats Zoom.

We were all waiting for the inevitable confrontation between Zoom and the Flash to come to a close, and tonight we witnessed the end of Zoom. No one expected the ending of Zoom to come about the way it did, but the end of Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom was very satisfying to witness.

During the episode, Zoom attempts to use Barry Allen to rip open the breaches within the Multiverse. Zoom requires Barry's speed along with his own to accomplish this. To accomplish destroying the Multiverse, Zoom persuades the Flash into a race with him, for the effect of the device he's put together to work. Eventually Zoom persuades Barry Allen into the race, and the two speed off. The fate of two worlds in the balance, and Barry Allen racing to save the day didn't seem like the correct approach when dealing with Zoom. Which is why Barry Allen had something else up his sleeve.

How Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash is able to defeat Zoom.

Before Zoom can power up the device he wants to use to destroy the Multiverse, Barry Allen uses one of Zoom's own tactics to defeat him, by bringing back a time remnant of himself to assist him. In doing so, Barry Allen is able to take Zoom down before the device can power itself up with their speed while his time remnant sacrifices himself to stop the device from destroying the Multiverse. After that, we can see Barry Allen holding nothing back as he assaults Zoom, laying into him with heavy punches and kicks; in a way we've never seen Barry Allen before. But Barry Allen stops before he lands the killing blow to Zoom. Throughout the episode, Barry Allen restates his intent to kill Zoom and to make him suffer. But in the end, he didn't have to.

While bringing his own time remnant to the present, Barry Allen also brought along with him the Time Wraiths, which hunt the time remnants of Speedsters pulled out of time. Their appearance on Earth-1 this time was to capture the time remnant of Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash, but seeing Zoom there on Earth-1 was higher priority for the Time Wraiths. As well as the time remnant of Barry Allen killing himself to save the Multiverse. Nothing happened to Barry Allen as a result, but removing his own time remnant from the equation placed the Time Wraiths' focus on Zoom. And in the end, they took off with Zoom, arm in arm. There may be a resurgence of Zoom later on; noting the similarities between his new appearance and that of Black Flash from DC' Comics, but that's for later. For now, Zoom is gone, and Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, or is he?

The more important reveal in tonight's Season Two Finale.

The real conclusion of tonight's season finale happened after the fight between Zoom and the Flash concluded. Once Team Flash all rejoined at S.T.A.R. labs, an unexpected guest joined them during their reunion. The man in the iron mask has joined them. We don't know how the man in the iron mask turns up on Earth-1, but it's safe to assume that Barry Allen probably brought him back from Earth-2, after dealing with Zoom. Going back to the identity of the man in the iron mask.

During the final scenes of the episode, we see Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells attempting to remove the mask over the unidentified man's head, and they succeed. Although the sight of the man is quite a shock to Barry Allen. When the mask comes off, we finally get to see that the man in the iron mask is played by actor, John Wesley Shipp, but he's not Henry Allen.

John Wesley Shipp is the Jay Garrick of a different Earth, Earth-3?

John Wesley Shipp is in fact the Jay Garrick of a different Earth, just not Earth-2, he calls it Earth-3; which we can speculate on later. We can now confirm that the hero, Jay Garrick exists on another Earth, and he's the doppelganger of Henry Allen of Earth-1, but he doesn't hold any ties to Barry Allen/the Flash; clearly pointed out by Jay's lack of emotional response to Barry Allen. The reveal of the man in the iron mask being Jay Garrick was a surprise, but many fans had already speculated on that theory being a possibility. Now we can confirm those theories to be true, along with the potential for the real Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) to return one day.

Aside from the reveal of who the man in the iron mask is, the conclusion of tonight's season finale of "The Flash" left us with an even bigger question after tonight's newest revelation. The last scenes of the episode see Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash going back in time once again. Barry returns to the night that his mother was killed, and stops the Reverse Flash from murdering his mother. In doing so, Barry Allen has accepted that his actions will change the timeline of events, to which he won't be able to go back and change ever again. However, there's always inter-workings of time travel which can be negated with new events.

With Barry Allen stopping the murder of his mother, Nora Allen, he has also erased the timeline of events which occurred after the first time he went back in time; erasing the events of season two of "The Flash" from the continuity of the series. Although, the simple act of Barry Allen changing the past so far back will already have lasting repercussions on Earth-1, as well as Earth-2. But we won't see which changes will affect Earth-1 until "The Flash" returns for Season Three. We can speculate on how the timeline of events will vary, with the death of Nora Allen not happening. As well as how the dismissal of that event will effect Barry Allen overall. He may even be left without his powers when he returns to the current day, unless fate has kept Barry Allen's place as the Flash intact, despite his changing of the past.

What do you think? Did tonight's season finale live up to the expectations set early on? Or did the season two finale lack something else? Have any thoughts, leave them in the comment section below.


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