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The internet is swimming with the current Pixar trailer for Finding Dory! Sea what I did there? Hey, if you have a better ocean pun, just let minnow. Unless you've been living in the Mariana Trench, then you've heard about the second adventure of Nemo, Marlin, Dory and friends, coming (hopefully) June 17 of this year! It looks like it will follow in the vein of the first movie and feature many of the same cast members we love.

Here's the latest trailer:

Read more about Dory and her upcoming adventure in this handy breakdown.

Dory goes off and tries to find her family, so of course, what happens? Adventure, suspense and ink squirts! And what a coincidence! Ink squirts are part of what this article is really all about!

Animated films and shows are just chock-full of dirty jokes. Whether they're obvious:

Or not quite so in-your-face:

You can't deny that some animators have a pretty twisted sense of humor.

There's even one in the trailer for Finding Dory!

Everybody does it, huh?

Here are some of the dirty jokes from Finding Nemo!

“We're swimming in our own shhhhh”

“You guys made me ink!” and “He touched the butt!”

Another fart reference

Little Pearl thinks having one tentacle shorter than the other makes her special, but when a male octopus has one short tentacle, it's their genitalia.

When you go to see a man about a dog or a horse in England, you're going to go relieve yourself. Going to see a man about a wallaby? Hmmm.

Protect your boys from the laser! Wait, do fish have boys?

It looks like Finding Nemo was pretty clean, except for a few fart jokes. But no worries! That movie was made in 2003, sot he writers have had 13 years to come up with even more not-so-subtle potty humor for Finding Dory!

What adventures are your hoping to see in Finding Dory?


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