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Another day brings another change for the Warner Bros. executive department. Following a number of background refinements announced last week, the latest rejigging is a significant, as it involves Charles Raven, a long term producer of DC Comic adaptations.

The studio has been shuffling their key players quicker than a croupier on Las Vegas Strip since the disappointing reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Raven had an influential input, acting as an advisor to director Zack Snyder.

A "Physically Impossible" Task

Snyder — who is set to direct the upcoming Justice League Part One — found himself on the wrong side of strong criticism following BvS, including a fan petition to have him removed from future DC films. The recent change suggests Raven may be paying the price for the film's poor reception.

As well as credits on the Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel (2013), Raven is also on board to produce the upcoming DC adaptations Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League. Although he was on course to also produce The Flash and Aquaman, The Hollywood Reporter claim he will no longer take on the role.

In their article, The Hollywood Reporter claim that due to the volume of films being released, combined with shooting locations all over the world, the workload for Raven alone would be "physically impossible."

Performing Below Expectations

BvS performed below expectations (Credit: Warner Bros.)
BvS performed below expectations (Credit: Warner Bros.)

The news speaks volumes of the intent of Warner Bros. to rejuvenate the working process for the DC Extended Universe. Although BvS wasn't a complete flop, the film was torn to pieces by the sharp pens of critics, and fell short of box office expectations with a haul of $868.2 million.

Although much more established — with 13 films released to date — the Marvel Cinematic Universe has discovered the perfect balance of critically and commercially successful films. The latest instalment in the franchise, Captain America: Civil War, has already broken the billion dollar barrier since its release on May 6.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Will Smith and Margot Robbie (Credit: Warner Bros)
Will Smith and Margot Robbie (Credit: Warner Bros)

Raven's reduced input follows the launch of DC Film, a new offshoot of Warner Bros. that will have creative control over DC's future slate. Jon Berg and Geoff Johns have been tasked with the responsibility of running the new division as part of a process to compartmentalise.

However, the upcoming antihero ensemble Suicide Squad could provide the light at the end of the tunnel for Warner Bros., with an early screening resulting in strong positive social media reaction. The film features a collection of DC's most notorious villains, including Deadshot (Will Smith), The Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and even an appearance from Affleck's Batman.

Suicide Squad is released on August 5.

Do you think Warner Bros. executive changes will improve the DCEU?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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