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Now, for a franchise that hasn't seen a cinematic installment since 2004's Blade Trinity, the Blade series sure has managed to remain fresh in the minds of millions of superhero fans. Perhaps it's the fact that it seemed so very innovative when Blade first arrived back in 1998 — or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that Wesley Snipes's titular vampiric hero remains one of superhero cinema's greatest badasses — but it sure has managed to be remembered fondly well into the 2010s.

Which, of course, makes it all the more exciting that...

Wesley Snipes's Latest Comments Might Just Be Teasing A Cinematic Return For Blade

More specifically, a pair of Snipes's recent tweets seem set to reignite speculation that not only could Blade be returning to the big screen — in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no less — but that Snipes could still be playing the be-fanged hero upon his return.

As Snipes put it:

Now, it's worth noting that he followed that up with a pretty big "but":

...yet it still very much seems that there's the possibility of us seeing more of Blade in the near future — especially given the recent rumors of a Netflix series.

The big question Snipes's tweets raise, though?

Just How Would A Returning Blade Fit Into The MCU?

After all, the MCU has evolved to be a very different cinematic entity to the bloody and brutal Blade series — suggesting that even if Marvel does opt to bring Blade back, there's a pretty good chance it wouldn't be as a movie.

Instead, the property would seem to make more sense on Netflix — perhaps returning initially with a smaller role in upcoming team-up epic The Defenderswith the streaming service's corner of the MCU thus far proving far more comfortable with Blade-like gore and violence than the movies.

That, though, isn't to say that Blade couldn't still make his way back to the big screen — perhaps as part of a mystical team-up in a Doctor Strange sequel, an unlikely pairing in Ant-Man 3, or even in his very own sequel (Blade 4 would surely have some takers). Heck, we could even see Marvel Comics' much-delayed Blade the Hunter storyline come to the big screen, with a Snipes-played Blade gradually passing the role onto his teenage daughter. A potential Young Avenger, perhaps?

Now, of course, there's also the distinct possibility that Marvel has no intention of bringing Blade back, and that Snipes's optimism is misplaced — but let's all just collectively assume that isn't the case, huh? After all, sometimes just assuming something is going to happen can actually help to will it into existence — especially if someone were to start some sort of petition...

The even bigger question now, though?

What do you think?


Will we see Wesley Snipes return as Blade in the MCU?

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