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Kate Beckinsale has officially smashed the throwback photo game out of the ball park by recreating her daughter's birth 17 years after the event. And, as if that wasn't enough, the star also managed to include both her ex-husband, Martin Sheen, and her teenage daughter nailing the notoriously difficult fresh out of the 'gina face. Get in!

The Underworld star recreated the snap for her now 17-year-old daughter Lily's birthday and she was generous enough to explain to E! News exactly how the photo came about.

Beckinsale explained that when inspiration struck after perusing the old family album, the trio just couldn't help springing into action to relive the touching moment of Lily's birth all over again, she told interviewers:

"We reenacted her birth and took pictures of it I wasn't naked! I was actually in a very nice cigarette pant and a high heel. Michael took one of my legs [and held it up] and Lily came from behind and was diving between my legs."

The 42-year-old also elaborated further on

The Late Late Show with James Corden

by giving some more hilarious insight into the photo by joking that:

"That's why there's so much effort on my face, personally, and Lily's doing the 'Yikes, I'm coming out of a vagina' face. And Michael's not doing very much at all, which is quite, realistically, what the real thing was like."

Check out Kate's chuckleworthy interview with Corden in the video below:

It's so awesome that Beckinsale and Sheen are such amicable exes in the often tumultuous world of Hollywood relationships, and they didn't even have to 'consciously uncouple' for it to happen. Hurrah!

Do you think Kate Beckinsale has officially won the throwback game?

(Source: E! News)


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