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Stories of narrowly missed Oscars from stars who foolishly (hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?) turned down what could have been the role of their careers are two-a-penny, but sometimes it really seems like the fates really had a certain star in mind to play the part.

Below are four actors who initially poo pooed their Oscar-Winning role before seeing the light and accepting the part later with dazzling results.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger technically didn't almost turn down his iconic Joker role, but he did turn down the Batman franchise that led him being posthumously awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

According to Christopher Nolan, he was interested in casting Ledger as Batman himself in Batman Begins before Christian Bale landed the role, but Heath didn't want to have anything to do with the DC hero. Nolan explained:

"He was quite gracious about it, but he said, 'I would never take a part in a superhero film.'"

You can watch the emotional moment Heath's family accepted his Oscar in the video below:

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for The Blind Side, but she wasn't sure she had what it takes to do the inspirational football story justice. The 51-year-old explained:

"It took John Lee Hancock nearly a year to persuade me to meet Leigh Anne and even then I wasn't sure I could do her justice. I also don't think I could have done this role even 5 years ago, but yes, having a family of my own helped clarify the dynamics in my head."

Jared Leto

Jared Leto's Best Supporting Actor role as the transgender Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club was marinating for a long time before it was ready to be served up and it took the singer turned actor 15 years to accept the script. Leto explained:

"I was sent the script, it was 15 years ago. I doubt it resembled anything like the script I got last year, so quite a bit of work had been done. I don't think I read the script 15 years ago, I just got sent it, I may have looked at a couple of pages. Everything happens for a reason. The script needed 15 years to gestate, I needed 6 years off from films to marinate and here we are."

Amen to that!

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges scooped the Best Actor Academy Award Best Actor for his turn as as Otis "Bad" Blake in Crazy Heart, but his musical instincts initially led him to walk away from the project, he said:

"When Crazy Heart came down the pipe, I thought it was a pretty good script but there's no music to it. And if there's no music in that story, you know, if the music wasn't any good, then the movie wouldn't be any good, so I said, 'I'm gonna pass.'"

Luckily, his friend T-Bone Burnett, came along as composer and washed away his reservations allowing them to make sweet music together.

Thankfully it all worked out for these guys, but not everyone was lucky enough to love a part they weren't totally convinced fact for these guys it was exactly the opposite.

Which role are you most pleased the actor stuck around for?



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