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The entire internet seems to be totally besotted with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's relationship, but some suspiciously sponsored looking Instagram posts seem to suggest this online love in might not be entirely organic...

Ever since Blake and Gwen's love was born like a phoenix from the flames of divorce and screeching The Voice contestants, their relationship has been all over the gossip pages. But what is the reason for this if it's not just the compelling love story? According to The Cut, the answer is shelling out cash to so-called Instagram influencers.

How very DARE you
How very DARE you

Eagle-eyed browsers noticed that product placement moguls Becca Tilley and Stephanie Pratt happened to post almost the same picture of Blake and Gwen just a few hours apart...suspicion was further raised when the both included the same link to the same performance.

Check out the two eerily similar posts for yourself below and keep your eyes peeled for the matching links:

It would be a pretty weird coincidence if both Tilley and Pratt, neither of whom know Blake or Gwen, were freaking out over the same specific performance from the same couple viewed on the same website, but who could be paying them to promote 'Shelfani?'

There are several brands mentioned in the post including 'Honda' and 'I Heart Radio,' so I'm pretty sure Blake and Gwen themselves aren't responsible for hawking their own relationship, but whoever is should probably learn the art of subtlety.

Oh, and if you want to see the performance they are waxing poetic about, you can see it for yourself below:

Surely there's no doubting that their love is real?!

Do you think people are being sponsored to pimp Gwen and Blake's relationship?

(Source: The Cut)


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