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The Oliver we know today has come a long way since he left Lian Yu to honor his father's memory. From vigilante, Oliver became a real hero when he decided to finally become The Green Arrow and be more than just a man in a hood. But he still has to be that beacon of hope Star City needs. And according to Stephen Amell, this could come true in tonight's finale:

In the promo, we saw Oliver trying to rally the citizens of Star City to fight against Damien Darhk and save their city together. But this action could come at a cost. What if the choice Amell refers to implied that Oliver would out himself as The Green Arrow to gain his city's trust?

Such a decision would change Arrow forever, primarily because a hero acting without a secret identity would be a first in the Arrowverse. In addition, Oliver being both mayor and vigilante would help the show getting closer to what is supposed to represent The Green Arrow, a hero who stands up to the system and help those in needs, in the shadows but also in the light.

Until now, Oliver was the Green Arrow only in name. It is time for him to become more.

Arrow airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.


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