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Emma Carline

The hype around the new Beauty and the Beast adaptation is astounding, and with the Official teaser trailer being released we are seeing it go down a much darker path. Which as some of you (most of you) will know, is where the story originates. Like most of Disney's stories they were adapted from the much darker tales of Hans Christian Anderson, and from the looks of things Disney is bringing us back there. So I thought I would do a little breakdown of the trailer, and talk about what we have learnt from it.

What can we interpret from the location and setting?

In the opening we see a very dark blue toned image of the castle, full of shadows and only one dimly lit room. This is already setting up the isolation and loneliness of the life the beast leads, and that is most certainly not a happy place. Once we are inside we see the warm beams of light shining in on a very extravagant yet neglected room, with grand chandeliers and a grand piano being the only furniture. The house creaks, there are leaves inside, cobwebs on the furniture, you know that whoever lives here has given up on it entirely and brings up the important question on why someone would give up on something so beautiful.

Is it love that is at the key to humanity?

We are finally in the one room full of life, and warmth from the light of the candles, and you make the connection that this is the room we saw from outside. It must also be the heart of the house, the only room that truly matters. As that connection is made we see the portrait of a family hanging proudly on the wall. What happens next is what brings it all together, the cut to the close up of the young boys face, for it too have been scratched by a set of animals claws. The child in the picture is now the beast, and he clings onto the idea of love and family as it is the only connection to humanity that he has left.

Aren't we all excited about Emma Roberts as Belle?

Now as if by magic, the girl enters the building. She is the one who is going to help him get his humanity back, she is the symbol of love and hope that could break the curse. We hear cheerful loving music as we zoom out from the single iconic rose in the bell jar, which represents a whole load of things but most importantly love. Now as the focus changes we see the first face of the trailer, and we finally see Emma Roberts as Belle, which the whole world has been loosing there mind over (including me).

Could there be anything more perfect as the falling of a single rose petal?

The trailer ends with the iconic line 'be our guest' with the date, 3.7.17 as a single rose petal drops. All the feelings and emotions resurfacing from the original animation into a live action one is driving everyone into a frenzy, and with Disney pretty much making this a trend now - I can say for sure this is one I'm most excited about.

What if they were horror films?

Seeing all these live action adaptations I can't help but let the horror lover in me think of how cool these would be if they went down a much more sadistic path.. I mean in my dreams one day I would love too see a dark live action My Little Mermaid in the works, with the image of sowing her legs back together because she craves everything she has given up. You guys let me know in the comments if that is something you would like too see also!


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