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After a childhood of summertime TV-watching consisting of reruns or the Olympics, my new favorite pastime of the summer might just be the summertime TV show, and none has been as anticipatory as HBO's True Detective. A true love/hate kind of viewing experience, and one that has incited plenty of discussion on the web during its two summer seasons, which makes the latest news regarding True Detective Season 3 especially bittersweet.

Via a THR profile piece on HBO's new head of programming, Casey Bloys, sources at HBO suggest a third season of the noirish and gritty series True Detective is unlikely. This ought to inspire mixed feelings as Season 1 was heralded among HBO's finest TV achievements, while Season 2 left fans morose and underwhelmed.

Nic Pizzolato, the series' creator, has already alluded that a third season was unlikely even before the second season had aired, pointing out that he was essentially creating a new series every season. The silver lining to this potentially dark cloud is that Pizzolato is being given the chance to try out another project instead. Considering True Detective, even the mostly disliked second series, brought in record viewership numbers for HBO, it's in their best interest to keep Pizzolato around.

The death of a TV show...

Colin Farrell is Ray Velcoro in True Detective
Colin Farrell is Ray Velcoro in True Detective

Season 2 of the series inspired love-to-hate-it fanfare, especially when it ended its series with an hour and a half of farfetched reveals and bloody endings for most of its cast. It was the high of the first season that kept most of us returning to see what new anti-heroes and flawed sleuths we'd be presented with. But the pervading flaw that kept Season 2 from even remotely stacking up against an almost perfect first season was the difference in origin of its motivating evil. Season 1 kept it simple with a crazed killer being the focus, while Season 2 expanded its scope too far by trying to tackle the entirety of a corrupt judicial system.

In the first season, detectives Hart and Cohle could find peace beyond their inner turmoil by the positive end-result of their toils, whereas Season two's Velcoro, Bezzerides, and Officer Woodrugh were given hardly a light in their dark, dark tunnels and a bleak wrap-up to say the least.

Joining the ranks of the two-season wonders...

The series, if indeed it is complete, will surely live on in cult pop culture as a must-see. Joining the ranks of other two-season shows still considered classics such as Twin Peaks, Pushing Daisies, and another of HBO's short-lived shows, Carnivale. There's no shame in quitting while you're ahead, and with such a strong first season and a world of hype, True Detective will live on as truly bingeworthy.

Were you rooting for a third season and sad to hear the news, or do you think the show's untimely death is exactly the sort of fate Nic Pizzolato would write himself?


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