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The Flashpoint Paradox is here?

Those who saw The finale of The Flash saw Barry Allen make a decision that in effect reboots the entire CW universe of heroes. From Arrow to the newly acquired Supergirl it's all changing. Fans are stoked that they are getting a "superblock" of heroes next year with shows on successive nights.

Time for one of those insane fan theories you all love here on MoviePilot (let's see if THIS gets a Million Views like Deathstroke being Batman or Jason Todd Is The Joker lol)

So we know CW has Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl, and for months people have hinted that we might finally see Batman as part of that TV-DC Universe.

What if the world of Batman is already there... and been there for a while... just not on the CW?

Since it started two seasons ago, FOX's Gotham has had mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. It's one part procedural, one part crazy messed up alternate world to what we know. As a show it's often infuriating to watch as it can be VERY good or terribly bad from episode to episode. Either way it's NOT the mythos we know and love, everything seems odd, strange and off kilter with it.

What if Gotham is actually part of the new DC universe Barry Allen created in that Flash finale?

Now it's reaching to think it was always planned as a collaboration, but as Flash became popular, Arrow began to wane and Supergirl became popular enough to save and in a world where Spiderman can now be at Sony AND Marvel, why wouldn't WB/DC try to broker some kind of deal with FOX to work together?

CW wouldn't be asking for Gotham to be part of their network, perhaps a cameo here and there but with this new Flash tale rebooting everything it also presents FOX with a golden opportunity.

To take the heat off their "failed experiment" that is Gotham.

It's strange and not what we know, and in the past Bruno Heller has taken a lot of flak as showrunner, but what if now it's all because Barry Allen messed it up and we're seeing a whole new Bat history linked to The Flash and Arrow mythologies over at CW? Heller suddenly gets a pass, fanboys weep and casual fans may take a second look at the show, knowing that it's part of a major TV crossover event.

They show Gotham on Monday, so they could get to be part of this "Superblock" that is being planned, but the more adult side of it . The move to 10pm next season is never a good sign. It probably means Gotham had one season left before it was crunch time, but this could completely reinvigorate the series with one more radical departure that fits in with this new Flashpoint Paradox.

Jim Gordon becomes Batman and Bruce becomes Robin!

In a new timeline where EVERYONE's lives are going to be different, then it's no stretch at all for Jim Gordon to realize he has to fight crime his way, using Bruce Wayne's resources and back-up.

Gotham's Jim is already a cold blooded killer, except with his victim resurrected as Azreal and now blown to bits by Butch then he's technically no longer a murderer.

Jim has that Batman anger, training, propensity for violence and intelligence as a detective that the classic character had in spades.

In the shows version of Bruce they have the perfect substitute for Dick Grayson and aide to Gordon. He agrees to help Gordon by funding his plan, on the proviso he takes over the mantle later to finish his father's work but for now, he pays the bills and is the "sidekick" because that's how it needs to work.

The Jim Gordon of Gotham pretty much has nothing to lose, he already lost his job as a cop, he lost both his girlfriends, one to insanity and the other to his life on the edge. What if the wrinkle was that he was a working policeman/captain/commisioner who is also the vigilante - as opposed to the billionaire playboy the classic lore has. Talk about consequences if you're caught...

Think about some of the other characters too, they're off kilter just enough to make this theory work.

Penguin isn't how you expected, Riddler/Nygma is far more of a psycho and the Joker, well he could end up either of those guys or Jerome or even Bruce eventually.

All they actually need to pull this off is a tacit acknowledgement before next season that the two networks are actually working together on this special project.

A cameo of some description linking those two worlds and two years of controversy over Gotham is undone in a second while the CW shows get a major boost in that YES, there IS a Batman etc, just not what you were expecting.

Could Stephen Amell suddenly show up as Oliver in Gotham? or Jim Gordon or Lucius Fox appear in The Flash? It's totally possible now!

So is this theory as insane as the Jason Todd theories, or could it actually happen?

Is there any real reason it COULDN'T? well Monday is already a bad night for TV, with WWE RAW and Monday Night Football. This crossover would become the TV event of the decade eventually, when we see Batman and the potential full team crossover, so it could actually help ratings for Gotham. If it's pitched that this is the more "adult/violent" side of this new combined universe, casual fans may take more of an interest and DVR viewing would probably skyrocket.

From the WB perspective it might clash with movie plans, but after the recent hit Batman v Superman took then it might be a good PR move to give the fans a different Batman to take the edge off and get people used to the idea of DC guys teaming up properly.

If nothing else, imagine that big episode where all 4 shows crossed over... it would do more ratings than any show on TV could imagine...even if at that point Gotham ended or went to an event show.

So is this totally insane? You decide!


Should FOX Join Up With The CW For Flashpoint Paradox


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