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We all love Tim Burton's darker dreams, kooky characters and whimsical wars. Whether it's his undead, out-of-this-world creatures or the season of Christmas, we've consistently admired Burton's creative take on both beloved and original concepts. In Alice Through the Looking Glass, however, he loses a bit of his touch. And that's perhaps because he wasn't in the director's chair.

Although James Bobin is a semi-seasoned director — mostly known for the newly revived Muppets movie franchise (The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted) and Da Ali G Show — it seems the only good that came out of his resumé is bringing to the world of Alice the oddly hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen as the character Time.

While the spotlight was firmly on Johnny Depp in Burton's Alice in Wonderland, the focus has firmly shifted to Cohen. He plays a human representation of time, purveyor of the Grand Clock in which Alice must retrieve the Chronosphere on a mission to save her old friend the Mad Hatter.

Even though he is friends with the Red Queen (and possible love interest?), you cannot call Time a villain. He is, in the literal sense, the keeper of time and the amount everyone is allotted in the world of Wonderland.

There are wonderfully funny moments of expressed interest toward the Red Queen, especially when Time gives her a tiny music box that has an executioner beheading the king.

He's also caught in a puny war of words with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse at their Tea Time. The Cheshire Cat makes an appearance and utters (my personal favorite) line, "Actually, I'm right on Time," when accused of tardiness. Watch the clip below!

This is merely one example of the very funny quips, quarrels and inquisitive moments revolving around Time and his adorable band of clock maintenance robots (also known as Seconds).

Catch plenty more this Friday, May 27!

Don't forget to stay during the credits to see the lovely dedication to the late Alan Rickman, this being his final film work. He reprises his role as the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, now a Butterfly.


Which is you favorite Sacha Baron Cohen character?


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