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The Flash finale was another doozy with a plethora of exciting revelations and great moments. Not only was The Man In the Iron Mask revealed, but Zoom was finally defeated. However, one of the most interesting reveals in this episode came from Zoom's final plot to destroy the Multiverse. Hunter Zolomon, during his classic bad-guy monologue, laid out his plan to destroy every other Earth in the Multiverse except for Barry's. He explains to Flash and his team that their Earth is actually at the center of the Multiverse. While we've been calling Barry's world Earth-One this whole time, we weren't actually certain if it was indeed the main world. With this information, it's now safe to say that DC is not planning a Crisis on Infinite Earths event to combine their movie and television universes.

Now that we know that the TV's world is Earth-One, there is no doubt that the movies and television will stay separate. The Earth we see in Batman v Superman and Man of Steel is undoubtedly also Earth-One, so with two of these main worlds existing, we wouldn't be able to see them collide. While this seals the deal, it doesn't mean we couldn't see a small screen version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. With the CW introducing us to Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-Three, and presumably Earth-Four, they could easily introduce a "Crisis" situation that would see all of the small screen worlds collide in epic fashion.

So, where do you guys think the television universe is heading now that it's been revealed they are on Earth-One? Do you think we could see a Crisis on Infinite Earths on the small screen? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!


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