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So we all know how amazing and spectacular Spider-Man is right? There aren't too many people to be known to give him a hard time. Well, today I'm gonna give 4 heroes or villains that would give him the fight of his life. Also, there will be no OP heroes or villains such as Superman, Lobo, Green Lantern, ect.

#4 Iron Fist

Fist up we have the skilled martial artist known as Iron Fist! One of the best fighters in all of the Marvel Universe. He's been known to do thing such as take out a ship with one punch, catch bullets, and can even heal himself. He's also been known to take on some of the X-Men like Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Wolverine. Not to mention he once took out 88 Shield agents in less than 10 minutes!

#3 Ant-Man (Hank Pym)

Next we have one of the smartest heroes in the Marvel Universe, Ant-Man! While Spider-Man is a genius himself, brains can't win every fight. Ant-Man has the ability to not only shrink down to the size of an ant but, he can also become Giant-Man allowing him to become at least 12 ft tall.

He's also been able to do thing such as, pick up multiple people with no effort, tear buildings in half, and even has an army of ants.

I imagine Ant-Man would indeed give Spider-Man the fight of his live in a very serious battle.

#2 DeathStroke

Deathstroke has been known to be one of the best tacticians and martial artist in DC. Even beating Batman a couple times. Not to mention that even Superman himself has asked for his help. Pretty impressive.

He's also done things such as

  • Overpower Wondergirl
  • Hurt Starfire
  • Send Nightwing flying without showing any effort
  • Overpower Cyborg

And his speed is even more impressive.He's fast enough to

  • Hit kid Flash
  • Evade gunfire
  • Move between the blades of a fan
  • And even jump over bullets.

Also,his Armor is bullet proof and can take hits from Superboy. Now don't get me wrong I still think Spider-Man could beat Deathstroke in a fight but it would without a doubt be the fight of his life.

#1 Black Panther

And finally we have the King of Wakanda Black Panther. Most definitely would Black Panther give Spider-Man the fight of his life. With his Vibranium and fighting skills, Spider-Man would stand little to no chance against him. He can do things like go invisible, teleport, use shields, and has even beaten the Fantastic 4. Not to mention he taken of people such as, Namor, a Super Skrull, Captain America, Kill Monger, and also Iron Man. But, I think his most impressive feat of all is that he knows every fighting style in the world!

I know it's possible but I just can't see Spider-Man taking Black Panther in a hand to hand fight and most of Spider-Mans attacks would have to be close range if he wanted to stand a chance. His webs can't last forever. Black Panther is also 8th smartest man in the Marvel Universe!

What do you think?


Who do you think would be the most challenging for Spider-Man to take on?


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