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What if Marvel never received the rights to our web-slinging friend? What if they continued the Sony Spidey trilogy? What if 'The Amazing Spider-man 4' would have been released? Keep in mind these are my personal opinions and predictions. Enjoy Webheads!

1. Post Symbiote Battle

The Amazing Spider-man 4 would take place after the Spider-man and Venom fight, and even after the Venom: Carnage spin-off film. So, that would mean that the following villains are either locked up at Ravencroft, gone, or dead:

  • Lizard/Dr. Connors
  • Rhino
  • Electro
  • The Green Goblin
  • Kraven
  • Doctor Octopus
  • The Vulture
  • Mysterio
  • The Gentleman (Gustav Fiers)
  • Venom
  • Carnage

Since Spider-man has fought and beat every one of these villains, there needs to be a character fresh and new. This villain should be modern, and one that audience have never seen on the big screen before. It should be a really tough challenge for Spider-man to finish off the franchise. This villain should be...

2. Alistair Smythe/Kingpin

Yes, Alistair Smythe would definitely not be a long shot for the Amazing Spider-man's final villain. This expert in robotics could create a visual sensation that would almost be as spectacular as The Avengers movie. Alistair Smythe was played by B.J. Novak in The Amazing Spider-man 2. He was Max Dillon's (Electro) boss, who was very insulting to Dillon.

In the comics, Alistair Smythe was an intelligent who controlled robots called Spider-Slayers, who were sought to kill Spider-man. Throughout the movie, we could see Smythe experimenting and making robots. He could have a couple of test runs, which Spider-man ultimately would destroy, but at the end of the movie, we could see a final battle scene between Spider-man and thousands of Spider-Slayers.

Towards the end of the movie, we find out that Smythe has been working with Kingpin. Kingpin could help Alistair Smythe could also change himself into the Ultimate Spider-Slayer, which is his own body transformed into a Spider-Slayer. The robots could cause destruction to New York City, like the alien species from The Avengers. In the end, the Alistair Smythe and Kingpin team-up could be something new for the viewing audience.

3. Black Cat

In The Amazing Spider-man 2, a character named Felicia was Norman Osborn's assistant. She was later confirmed to be Felicia Hardy, in other words, the Black Cat. In the first part of the movie, she could be portrayed as villain, who was a tricky thief. Every time Spider-man tries to catch her, she ends up escaping with the jewels and cash from the places she has robbed.

Throughout the film we see their relationship begin to blossom. Of course, it doesn't amount to much, but it is something. At the final battle scene, with Spider-man up against Smythe and the Spider-Slayers, Spider-man is about to give up because he is being defeated, but Black Cat swoops in and fights along his side. This superhero duo doesn't last for long, just until they defeat the Spider-Slayers.

4. Relationships

Because The Amazing Spider-man 4 is the last film of it's franchise, this film would need to conclude all of Peter Parker's relationships. Everything about Parker's parents would be revealed. Aunt May would be thriving at her job at the hospital, but she definitely still worry for her nephew, Peter. Perhaps, Aunt May could finally find out that Peter is Spider-man.

Mary Jane Watson would be in love with Peter, and their relationship would last. However, in the last part of the film, it would show Peter visit Gwen Stacy's grave again. Peter Parker would have a steady career at The Daily Bugle, and as a friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

What do you think would happen in The Amazing Spider-man 4? Comment your opinions and predictions below! Be sure to follow my page at Scoop on Spidey!


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