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(Warning – Spoilers ahead! And oh are they tasty!)

If you have tripped over a post on social media and found your way here, then it’s safe to assume that you have at least some mild curiosity with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe relating to all things Avengers). My interest in this world of superheroes traces all the way back to early teenage years when I found myself delving into the comic book universe that my oldest brother still speaks of with a passion. Some of the greatest stories ranged from X-men, where Wolverine had all of the metal coating his bones ripped out of him like loose threads from an old sweater. Or there was that time that old Superman and Batman joined with their league in an apocalyptic story of biblical proportions. So many good stories, and now so many great movies based on them!

The Avengers, to be true, was something that I read little about back then (although my brother soon told me plenty, so I knew without reading), but the beauty of the MCU films is that you can know next to nothing about them and still pick it up as you go along. ‘Civil War’ is based on the story from the comics, but you quickly get the picture of what events are unfolding here and where it might lead.

I have to say, after seeing how unbalanced the giant cast of Batman versus Superman was, I assumed that I would be walking into a movie that would be doing much the same. I mean how can you cram in that much screen time when you are trying to share a story line across such a giant cast! But the MCU had rarely disappointed so far and so I was ready to be entertained! Social media (along with some of the leading cast of this film) was pushing publicity with simple social media tag lines; are you Team Captain America or are you Team Iron Man. I will be honest, was Team Cap from the beginning. Captain America, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Ant Man Versus Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther and Spider Man! Good Lord that’s a handful! Immediately, the story is moving at smooth pace, simmering along nicely from the get go as it starts to boil and then take off. Black Panther and Spider Man are newbies here but their story is fleshed out nicely without giving too much away, while old favourites and recent newcomers still get their chance to shine.

Team Iron Man?
Team Iron Man?

No one dies here, (unless you count Black Panther’s father) but this is cleverly played after the quick death of Quick Silver in Avengers 2. My biggest gripe about the film would be the fight in the market place near the start of the film. This scene is fast yet too jerky and with the camera work it is hard to concentrate on what is going on. Also Black Widow and Hawkeye have fast become the weakest of the Avengers, what with Black Widow playing more of a diplomat and peace keeper and Hawkeye being force out of retirement. Maybe he should have stayed there? Despite this though the film is otherwise well executed. The cast is unbelievably good, and the tension builds until your so excited near the end of the movie that you begin to believe anything could happen.

Team Captain America?
Team Captain America?

The airport fight scene has to be one of the greatest parts of the movie, only topped perhaps by a fight in the snow near the end between Bucky, Cap and Iron Man. If you don’t know what all the fighting is about then you will soon figure it out after you see this movie. That’s how good Civil War is! You don’t even need to know too much about it. You can happily walk into this movie and lose yourself in a well-made cinematic story, set nicely within the MCU yet cleverly standing strongly on its own. Need I say more? How about a score card you say? Well ok then, here is the newly upgraded Score Card!

Cast – 9.5/10 Hot damn I cannot say it enough! This cast is really good. The weak characters perhaps would be Hawkeye and General Ross (From The Incredible Hulk). But otherwise so, so good!

Script – 9.5/10 It’s hard to complain about such a well written story here. Sure it would have been exciting to kill off one more of the characters, but sometime what is more shocking is seeing friends and heroes so bitterly divided!

Direction – 9.5/10 The Russo brothers are a strong team of directors here; this only goes to prove how well they will do when they tackle Avengers 3 in 2018 and 2019. Sometimes the best way to tell a story is found in what you don’t show, and enough is left out here to keep all fans wondering and speculating what will happen next

Final rating – 9.5/10 It seems a high rating to give I guess, but I was that impressed with this film! It is definitely more of a prequel to what is coming in Avengers: Infinity War and that is exactly what fans wanted!

As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have posted here. What with moving house, and starting with additional work things have been pretty busy! But I am back on board and hope to be bringing you much more soon.

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