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This year's Supernatural has been the best, by far. The "Road So Far" has been one to remember and in the end, the morale of the show is what rang loudest which is the one element that speaks volumes over the 11 seasons of this great show. It was what won the day, and gave us our biggest answer in regards to the future of Supernatural. The show has so much yet to tell, but for now it's time for you fans to speak.

So It's time to get the grades for this year's SUPERNATURAL!


So what Grade do you give Season 11?


Grade the finale for Season 11.

Personally, I was impressed with the season as a whole. It wasn't a surprise that Amara and Chuck mended their relationship, and brought life back to the universe. The love between siblings is the basis of the whole series.


Grade the writing this year!


How did you feel about the Men of Letters cliffhanger with Sam?


How do you feel about Mary Winchester's return?

What can we look forward to next season?

Twelve seasons, wow. Who would have thought that Supernatural, which aired when the CW was still known as The WB would not only still be running, but still be really good. Now, on to next year: In Season 12 we'll get to know the London chapter of The Men of Letters-who seem like they have a legitimate beef with the Winchester brothers. The Hunters become the hunted. We'll also get to know Mary Winchester, who seems like she was resurrected and time jumped from the moment she died to the present day. Why? She was wearing the same nightie from that fateful night. Now that God and Amara are off to do some sibling bonding, the world is on its own again.

There is the lingering question as to the fates of the last two Archangels in existence. Lucifer was ripped from Castiel and may still be alive somewhere and Michael may be out of the cage, or not. Bottom line, Season 12 next year will have a lot to build on from the cliffhangers from the finale, as well as a really good season this year.

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Comment below on what you're looking forward to in Season 12 when SUPERNATURAL returns to Thursday night, October 2016 on THE CW.


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