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Okay, first off I want to warn you, dear readers, that what follows is fueled by my anger as a die-hard Captain America fan. This article will be part logic, part rant. It cannot be avoided. If that is not what you want to read, please do not continue.

Still with me?








Seriously! I need someone to explain to me exactly how the top dogs of Marvel Comics decided that making CAPTAIN FREAKING AMERICA a HYDRA SPY was somehow a GOOD IDEA!!! Its absolutely ridiculous! This is Steve Rogers! America's golden boy! The man of moral righteousness! He is not a member of a Nazi group! Come on!

Since I know my ranting could continue for thousands upon thousands of hours, I will spare you that pain and instead focus on the logical reasons why Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, should never be a spy.

1. Captain America Issue #1

Cap knocks out Hitler
Cap knocks out Hitler

Captain America socks ol' Adolf on the jaw. Need I say more? No? Well, I'll say more anyways. Hydra started off as a Nazi organization. The Red Skull was among Hitler's inner circle! Ever since its beginning, Hydra has been deeply connected to the Nazi's of World War Two. That means that if Captain America is a Hydra spy, then Captain America is okay with the fact that SIX MILLION PEOPLE were murdered in the Holocaust! Cap being a Hydra spy means that he is okay with the fact that Racism, Sexism, White Superiority, and other such abominations exist!


Look again at the cover of his first issue! That tells you all you need to know about the iconic hero! He's attacking the Nazi's, which shows he is against the human atrocities of racism, sexism, etc. He's wearing an American flag-themed uniform, wielding an American flag-themed shield, which shows that he stands for America's ideals of freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, free will, and all of the other great stuff! Everything that Captain America stands for, Hydra stands against!

2. If Cap is a Hydra spy, all his years of fighting have seriously hurt his cause!

This fight? Completely pointless.
This fight? Completely pointless.

Captain America has been fighting against Hydra for over 70 years now. Seventy Years. Granted some of that he was a Capsicle, and there's always the fact that comic books seem to inhabit a place where time takes less meaning, but still, that's 70 years of real world time fighting the evil Hydra organization! A spy does not fight his own people as passionately as Cap has for 70 years! Think of all the people in Hydra that Cap has killed! If Cap is a Hydra spy, then he knowingly, and willingly, killed his allies! Not just a few, no, hundreds! What kind of spy does that? Why not just do the same amount of killing, but instead of fighting your pals, go fight your enemy! If Captain America is a Hydra spy, then he is also the worst spy ever. Of all time.

3. Hydra tried to kill him every day of his life!

Okay, maybe not every day, but you get the point! Why would his allies want to kill him? I understand how the typical Hydra footsoldier wouldn't know that Cap's a spy, but how the heck does the Red skull, the leader and founder of Hydra, not know that Steve Rogers is working for him? Come on, man! Not cool! The great thing is, Hydra seemingly succeeded in killing Captain America several times! Here's a quick rundown of all the times Hydra 'killed' Steve Rogers in just Marvel's Earth-616 Universe:

Baron Zemo's plane explodes and tucks Cap in for a nice ice nap:

Also, his friend, Bucky, was allegedly killed.
Also, his friend, Bucky, was allegedly killed.

As we all know, Cap didn't actually die, but this was an attempt by Hydra to kill him that basically succeeded. Until the Avengers found him in the ice, that is.

He's nearly shot to death by Hydra

Yay! We killed our top spy! Oh, wait...
Yay! We killed our top spy! Oh, wait...

Steve Rogers actually intentionally faked his death here. But for all Hydra knew, they actually killed Steve Rogers.

That time Hydra made his brainwashed girlfriend kill him

Talk about tough love...
Talk about tough love...

After Marvel Comic's Civil War, Cap was arrested and was on his way to trial when he saved an officer from being shot by Crossbones. The shot instead hit Rogers in the shoulder. Seconds later, Sharon Carter, who had been brainwashed by Hydra, fired three shots into Steve Rogers at point blank range, killing him. While it turns out he was actually frozen in time and resurrected later, Steve Rogers was intentionally killed by Hydra.

That's three successful kills of their top spy. Three. Why would Hydra do that? Its idiocy at its finest! And these are just the times Hydra actually succeeded! If I included all the times they tried to kill him, we'd be here a very long time!

4. It completely invalidates his origin story!

Steve Rogers becomes Captain America
Steve Rogers becomes Captain America

The whole point of Steve Rogers becoming the super-soldier Captain America was so that he could fulfill his desire to fight the atrocities the Nazi's were committing! If Steve Rogers has always been a Hydra spy, it makes no sense whatsoever for him to have this eagerness!

5. Captain America's past actions and speeches are against what Hydra stands for


These speeches speak for themselves!

We must all live in the real world... and sometimes that world can be pretty grim. But it is the American Dream... the hope... that makes the reality worth living. In the early 1940's, I made a personal pledge to uphold the Dream... And as long as the Dream remains even partially unfulfilled, I cannot abandon it!

The thing about these speeches is that they always bring out the best in people. They are inspiring! And if Steve Rogers is a Hydra spy, it completely discredits every single speech he ever gave in this manner.

6. Turning Steve Rogers into a Hydra spy is a slap in the face to every previous writer of Captain America

Think about all the previous writers of Captain America comic books. In their series, Captain America was a defender of all that is good, and enemy of all that is evil. Captain America was written as a hero for people of all ages, an example to look up to, to aspire to be! Making Captain America a Hydra spy discredits all of his past heroic actions. Now we know that Steve Rogers, instead of being one of the best heroes ever, is the worlds greatest liar.

But that is not the greatest sin of turning Captain America into a Hydra spy.

Hydra is a branch of the Nazi's of World War Two, committers of attempted genocide of the Jews through the Holocaust.

The creators of Captain America are Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Both men are Jewish.

And now Captain America is essentially a Nazi.

Is this just a gimmick?

Now, I know some of you comic readers out there are getting ready to tell me its probably just another cheap gimmick to get more readers and money, and you may be right. Even though the writer of this particular Captain America run, Nick Spencer, said this:

"Steve Rogers will be, and always has been, a member of Hydra and will now be presented as the most covert undercover operative of the Marvel Universe."

And this:

"The one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not somebody else acting through Steve. This is really Steve Rogers, Captain America himself."

The thing is, comic book writers have lied to us before. They told us certain characters were dead forever, only for them to reappear at a later time. (See: Bucky Barnes, Gwen Stacey, Jason Todd, etc.) This really could be a huge plot twist that turns around later and says 'oh, by the way, this isn't really Steve Rogers' or something like that. But that does not make this okay.

To say that, even for a few issues, Steve Rogers is a Hydra spy is to say that there is no incorruptible good in the world. It says that you cannot trust anybody. It turns what was once a beacon of hope into a plague of lies and corruption. We the fans do not need this. Marvel Comics does not need this. The world does not need this.

Captain America: Enemy of Evil
Captain America: Enemy of Evil

Yes, Captain America's boy scout-like goody two-shoes mentality can be quite boring at times. Yes he has old-fashioned ideals. But look at everything that is happening around the world. Terrorism is at its height, the global economy is strained, corrupt politicians are in leadership positions, and there is no end to the violence humans inflict upon each other. The world can be a very dark place, and we need light to come from as many places as possible. Why extinguish the light that is Captain America?

In the end, nobody said it better than Captain America's biggest fan, Shield Agent/Director Phil Coulson:

"With everything that's happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old-fashioned."


Is it a good idea to make Captain America a Hydra spy?


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