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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new Marvel comic, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1!

Marel Comics
Marel Comics

The Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 comic was just released on May 25 and has already set Twitter ablaze. In what I feel safe to call one of the biggest plot twists in comic book history, it was revealed that Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, was actually working for Hydra — all along. But why?

Wait, what? / Marvel Comics
Wait, what? / Marvel Comics

Unsurprisingly, the internet was not happy to see one of the most optimistic Marvel characters turn into a villain. Most of the reactions prove how beloved Captain America has become, but the passion quickly escalated into fury.

Here's how the uproar went down, in 10 steps:

1. A Hashtag Was Created:

2. Rage Erupted In All Caps (Pun Intended)

3. Fans Appealed To The Character's Legacy

4. And Called Out The Author For Making A Character A Nazi When He Was Created By Jewish Writers

5. Others Were Disappointed That It Seemed Easier To Make Cap A Nazi Than Gay

6. Feels Were Felt

7. ALL The Feels

8. Marvel References Were Made

9. As Well As Questionable Jokes

10. Even Cap Himself Was Quite Taken Aback

Finally, the author himself broke his silence. Although he's not saying much, his self-assurance could hint at the fact that this is all just a terrible dream (or a massive troll).

So, What Now?

If you manage to scroll past the flames of outrage igniting every time the words "Captain America" are mentioned, you'll find a few messages of hope. Or, at least, fans not too shattered by what they consider to be just another of Marvel's big marketing coups. I guess it's worked.

It's also apparently not been the first time that a reveal about Cap's supposedly true nature appeared out of the blue (of his shield): He's been a werewolf and a zombie, to say the least.

The next issue is coming on June 29, so we can cross our fingers until then that this was all just an unfortunate turn of events — or maybe this could actually make sense?

Are you upset at this Captain America twist? What do you think will happen next?


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