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It didn't take long for a sequel to Jurassic World to be confirmed, considering the massive success of the movie that brought the iconic Park and its residents back to life. While the first instalment of the series was already a marvel in terms of CGI, 22 years of technological upgrades allowed for some truly gorgeous beasts to make their way onto the screen.

But there's only so many times you can make it seem realistic that a mix of megalomaniacs playing God and crazy scientists out of touch with reality would create a park filled with uncontrollable dinosaurs in hopes of getting people to pay for a ticket to their gruesome death. It failed once in 1993, now twice, and surely it should be considered a risky venture by investors once we've had two park disasters — plus a T. Rex roaming free in San Diego.

So what exactly is the plot for Jurassic World 2 going to be based on?

Jurassic World 2 Will Be 'A Much Larger Story About Our Relationship With These Animals'

'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures
'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures

Back in September, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow told Entertainment Weekly that the sequel was going to be "a different kind of film."

"I feel like the audience has given us permission, to a certain extent, to take this to the next level — I don't necessarily mean in scale. I feel very strongly that it's not about more dinosaurs or bigger and better dinosaurs. It's about using this as a starting point for a much larger story about our relationship with these animals, and with animals in general, and the dynamic created by bringing them back to life."

Now, the directing handle has been passed on to Juan Antonio Bayona, who's directed movies such as The Impossible and The Orphanage, but Trevorrow will still be closely involved with the project.

Are We Going To See Dinosaur Pets In Jurassic World 2?

'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures
'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures

And what he's been saying about the relationship between humans and dinosaurs still seems to the motor of the new film. While a leaked script for Jurassic Park 4 went a bit far by involving "a DIRTY DOZEN-style mercenary team of hyper-smart dinosaurs in body armor killing drug dealers and rescuing kidnapped children," according to Ain't It Cool, Trevorrow did hint to Wired at the idea that dinosaurs may be trained the way Owen attempted to do in Jurassic World.

"I feel like the idea that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And when you look back at nuclear power and how that started, the first instinct was to weaponize it and later on we found it could be used for energy."
'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures
'Jurassic World' / Universal Pictures

So, will InGen try to make dinosaur soldiers only to discover that they actually make great rickshaw mounts and household pets? What's certain is that we won't get the park plot again, and we know Dr. Henry Wu managed to make it out of the last park with a suitcase full of embryos. That's a good start to create some never-seen-before species, so maybe they could make them vegetarian this time?

What are you expecting to see in Jurassic World 2?

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