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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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2016 saw the release of Canadian TV show Slasher, a less famous but more brutal counterpart to MTV's Scream. The show is a satisfying mix of murder mystery, soap opera intrigue and lashings of gore, taking the gleeful approach that made the slasher subgenre so beloved in the first place.

Here's a trailer for the series: if you don't want Slasher spoiled completely, watch the trailer and leave this article there. I'm gonna be dissecting the finest Slasher murders from this point onwards, so you've been warned for spoilerific content.

The killer of the Slasher series, The Executioner, has a penchant for religiously themed deaths. What his tangled brain perceives as deadly sins will be punished as such, with an interpretation on the Biblical punishment for that sin met out to his victim. Here's a countdown of the greatest deaths in Slasher Season 1.

5. A Watery Grave

Victim: Brenda

Sin: Envy

Biblical Punishment: drowning in freezing water

4. Reinventing the Wheel

Victim: Tom

Sin: Pride

Biblical Punishment: broken on the wheel

3. Rat Race

Victim: Justin

Sin: Gluttony

Biblical Punishment: force-fed rats, toads, and snakes.

2. Nom Nom Nom

Victim: June

Sin: Sloth

Biblical Punishment: Thrown into snake pits

1. Going to Pieces

Victim: Verna

Sin: Anger

Biblical Punishment: dismembered alive

If you enjoyed Slasher and need more horror TV action, the next season of MTV's Scream launches May 31, 2016.

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