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It's been a while already since the news that Nina Dobrev was leaving The Vampire Diaries, but we can't help but really miss her from time to time. Still, she's had some great projects going on, from The Final Girls to xXx: The Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel, and we can't wait to see what she's going to bring next to the big screen.

While she's left the show behind, it's just heartwarming to see that her rise to fame hasn't done any harm to her bubbly personality. According to Julie Plec, executive producer on The Vampire Diaries, "she's that sweet, nice girl who encourages people to hang out and have fun." Doesn't she sound like the best person to hang out with?

Here are 10 reasons Nina Dobrev would make the best BFF:

1. She Knows The Meaning Of 'Sun's Out Buns Out'

N-Dobz is currently live her best life with her BFFs and you just know being part of her cheeky clan would mean bumper enjoyment at all times. Especially when you're casually mooning on the beach like the true queen of carefree that you are.

2. She's The Master Of Pranks

There's nothing more fun than a good prank, and Nina shows she's capable of dedication. She's also in a hilarious prank war with Ruby Rose.

3. She Would Rock It At Karaoke

If your idea of a great night out involves karaoke, you're in luck: Nina recently showed on Lip Sync Battle how awesome she was on stage.

4. She'd Be An Awesome Workout Buddy

Nina was an aesthetic gymnast and trained four hours a day, six days a week. Plus, she's the best at finding that inspirational quote that will get you going!

5. She Will Never Say No To Wine

What else does a BFF need to be than to ready to pop open the wine any time? And it looks like she's got mad cooking skills, too. She also admitted to Self that she was a total foodie:

"My taste buds are alive and well. Living in Atlanta, I started a restaurant bucket list for friends. There's a whole burger section. It’s dope. Everybody loves it when they come into town."

6. She'll Always Give A Shout-Out To Her BFFs

We wouldn't say no to a shooting day either.

7. She'd Be The Best At Parties

Even if it isn't karaoke.

8. She's Got Great Style

BFFs are for helping you decide what to wear, and judging from Nina's outfits she' would clearly be able to give great advice.

9. She's A Star, But She's Got Both Feet On The Ground

Like we said earlier, her successful career thankfully hasn't turned her into a stuck-up princess: She's a hard worker, and she won't be afraid to put in the effort for something that she loves. And she can totally relate to your own struggles with getting up in the morning.

10. She's Got The Best Ideas

This is BFF material right there. As she told Seventeen a few years ago, if she plans a trip, she's going to do it right:

"Girls' weekend with the Vampire Diaries girls has become a big deal! It's our quality time. It's so much fun to unload and not feel guilty complaining or talking about your insecurities or bonding over things that you thought you were on your own about. When we get there, we go to dinner or cook dinner together, watch movies, lie on the beach, and take tons of pictures."

And she's still reuniting with her Vampire Diaries buddies. Let us know next time, Nina!

What's your favorite thing about Nina Dobrev?

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