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Cinematic franchises are becoming the hottest film craze, and every studio is jumping on the bandwagon. Lionsgate, the studio behind franchises like The Hunger Games and Divergent, is the same one behind the upcoming Power Rangers film. However, despite not even having a trailer out for the movie, the studio is already planning way ahead.

According to analysts, Lionsgate wants to make "five, six, or seven" Power Rangers films. Which, in all fairness, is not a bad idea. There are plenty of characters and stories to pull from in the backstory, which would make for a rich and long-lasting cinematic universe.

Lionsgate's budget is much lower this year, but it's hoping to make a lot of money back with projects like Now You See Me 2, La La Land and Nerve. And after seeing the disappointing box office results for Allegiant, the studio is hoping to kick-start a new successful franchise.

However, as it currently stands, there is not much positive reception for the coming Power Rangers movie, primarily due to the updated suits being revealed and portraying a much more modern aesthetic. Disgruntled fans instantly took to the internet, criticizing the outfits for their lack of faithfulness to the source material, comparing them to the Iron Man suit.

Original suit designs.
Original suit designs.

For Lionsgate's sake, the first trailer will hopefully bring people on board.

The new Power Rangers movie is scheduled for release on March 24, 2017.

Source: Deadline


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