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The Walking Dead's season six finale introduced the world to one of the most iconic villains of all time, Negan. It also showed one of the biggest power struggles in the show's history, when Rick was finally brought to his knees (literally) before his greatest adversary yet. Overall, the episode had everything that fans could have asked for; until the massive cliff hanger at the end left viewers scouring the internet and re-watching the final scene to figure out who Negan and Lucille's victim was.

The season ended with Negan essentially telling Rick and Co. just how badly they "f*cked up" (only in nicer words, AMC wouldn't want to get fined by the FCC), and playing a deadly game of eenie meeny miny moe to determine who would be on the receiving end of his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat.

However, when the decision was made, the camera switched to a first person point of view of the unlucky individual getting hit over the head. Needless to say, this left several fans unhappy.

It has been just two short months since the finale aired, and the creator of the hit show, Robert Kirkman, may have just told us who Negan chose for batting practice. Last night, Kirkman joined The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick on his Comedy Central series @midnight, along with Wil Wheaton and Jonah Ray. At one point, Hardwick gave the guests the topic of "terrible cliffhangers" to the guests. Being highly involved with The Walking Dead, Hardwick cited the massive cliffhanger season six left us with, and claimed not to know the answer. At this point, Kirkman shouted out, "I know!"

When the guests were ready to reveal the terrible cliffhangers, Kirkman told us the answer to who Negan killed. "On the next exciting episode of The Walking Dead, we find out how mad fans are when they find out Negan killed Carl in the season six cliffhanger." He explained, "people wanted to know! I'm not gonna make you wait all summer! I'm not an asshole!"

(The big reveal can be seen at 15:50 in the episode)

This of course sparked a big reaction from everyone, including the audience, the participating guests and even Chris Hardwick. Now is Carl really going to be Negan's victim? Probably not. In the comics, an odd father-son type of relationship between Negan and Carl is developed. If the writers wish to include that part of the story in the show, Carl is probably pretty safe from Negan.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its seventh season in October.


Do you think Negan will kill Carl in the season 7 premier?


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