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Last night, Robert Kirkman went on @midnight - the other Chris Hardwick show at Comedy Central - and talked about terrible cliffhangers to bring the audience back for the next episode. Of course, Kirkman spoke of The Walking Dead, and teased how mad fans would be in the first episode of Season 7, when they found out Negan killed Carl.

And so the trolling begins...again.

Robert Kirkman might be famous for being The Walking Dead creator, but fans also recognize him for the troll he really is. This was not the first time he's toyed with fans's expectations and feelings - and it wont be the last - but anything related to the words Negan / cliffhanger / death are bound to hit home.

Later, in a Hawaii Comic Con Q&A session, Kirkman was asked which characters would die in the The Walking Dead franchise, and he had no problem to drop not one, but a few names.

“Rick, Carl, Michonne…in the show, Daryl Dixon, eventually. Abraham, Rosita. Rosita’s already dead in the comics. Jesus.”

Kirkman's statements, as well as other actors, is part of building back the hype around Negan and The Walking Dead, after that cliffhanger fiasco. Considering the backlash AMC and the showrunners received after the season finale, it's only natural they'd try and feed the fans with enough riddles and speculations to get every single one back in October.

Even Norman Reedus, fan favorite Daryl, has been speaking wonders of the new season to come and how everyone will have their mind-blown (again). Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Norman said Gimple and Kirkman are aware that they need to earn the fanbase's trust in the show with a satisfying conclusion, and that "they're earning it". Reedus added:

“Trust me. I think probably the planet is going to explode. That’s my feeling. It’s so good. Every time we go on a promotional tour talking about what’s going to come, we all say ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it.’"

'The Walking Dead' - and the answer to Negan's victim cliffhanger - returns in October, while the rest of Season 2 of 'Fear The Walking Dead' comes back in August.

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