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It's simple mathematics.
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Fans are completely outraged on the internet, all because of Marvel's new crazy twist to Captain America. Big twists in Marvel story-lines isn't anything new, but this is outrageous. The end of Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 stunned everybody, even Captain America(Chris Evans) himself!

But before us Marvel fans begin rioting, there might be an explanation to this predicament!

First, let me explain what exactly happened that's causing such an angry mess.

Spoilers ahead! So if you want to wait to read the comic yourself, watch out!

By the end of the Marvel comic issue Steve Rogers: Captain America #1, Cap is shown throwing one of his team members, Jack Flag, out of a jet and said the classic, notorious, and evil phrase that many of Captain America's greatest foes have said before, “Hail Hydra.”

What does this mean exactly? Well, everything that made Captain America, 'Captain America' is a complete lie. Supposedly, the real truth is that Cap has been been a Hydra sleeper agent all along.

Even flashbacks were shown in the issue that proved this, the flashback showed how when Steve Rogers was only a child, some mysterious woman with the name of Elisa Sinclair convinced his mother to join HYDRA long ago.

Wait! All hope isn't lost yet! This fan theory said by a comic journalist named Brett White might just save it all, well, if it's true.

What is the Cosmic Cube?

A little girl named Kobik, actually. When S.H.I.E.L.D. was experimenting with fragments of Cosmic Cubes to reshape reality if necessary, the fragments came together to form a single sentient being. In the creation of this being, the cube was suffering from a damaged and splintered sense of consciousness, and decided to become the form it felt it most resembled, a child.

Here's the confusing part, Kobik isn't exactly a villain, she's actually the one that gave Cap his powers back when the super soldier serum was taken away from him. So why would she mess with reality to turn him into something evil? The only possible answer to this question, is that a HYDRA agent may have gotten to her.

Kobik even made her appearance in one of the flashbacks of the newly released issue. The sentient Cosmic Cube may be Captain America's last hope into turning him back into who he was meant to be, who we all really knew him as.

What do you think about this fan theory? Comment down below!


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