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Hot off the success of Stephen King's 11.22.63 becoming a massive event series for Hulu, another of the horror master's novels has been picked up for adaptation. This time it's the crime thriller Mr. Mercedes, about an ex-cop named Bill Hodges chasing a phantom known as The Mercedes Killer before he strikes again who, unbeknownst to Hodges, is actually a teenage psychopath named Brady Hartsfield.

Boston Legal's David E. Kelley and Lost's Jack Bender will co-executive produce the series, with Kelley writing the first episode and serving as showrunner, while Bender will direct. Mr. Mercedes is scheduled to be the latest addition to AT&T's Audience Network and has already been ordered straight to series with 10 episodes.

Brendan Gleeson is set to take on the role of the grizzled Hodges, facing off against Anton Yelchin as Hartsfield. The series will debut in 2018 on DirectTV and AT&T U-verse.

Photo Credit: Scribner
Photo Credit: Scribner

Mr. Mercedes was published in 2014 as the first book of a trilogy, with a sequel called Finders Keepers hitting in 2015 and the final installment, End of Watch, scheduled for release June 7.

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