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The marketing on Pixar's upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo is underway, and it's going swimmingly. This week we saw another official trailer for Finding Dory, and today the studio released two new clips from the film.

The first clip features an old pal that we know pretty well, Crush the sea turtle! In his righteously radical new scene, we can see Crush (Andrew Stanton) and a group of young turtles talking to Marlin (Albert Brooks), Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) about their adventure as they travel the California currents.

Check back in with Crush, Squirt and the gang in the video below:

As much as we all enjoy seeing characters we already love, it's also important to make some new friends. The other clip released today introduces us to Dory's suspicious new cephalopod friend Hank (Ed O'Neill).

Not only does the above clip feature Hank, but — in true Pixar fashion — holds a couple of small Easter Eggs.

We can see there on the far right a refrigerator magnet that reads Uku. For those who need a brief refresher, Uku was the name of the volcano in the short film that played before Inside Out, Lava.

Also making an appearance is Darla, the daughter of Dr. Philip Sherman and the main antagonist from Finding Nemo. The image below is from another released photo which Imgur user LogicalFail was able to render to show a clearer image.

There's no mistaking those red pigtails and pink overalls.

I don't know about you guys, but it seems like the 13 years in between the films were well worth the wait.

Pixar's Finding Dory will be released in theaters on June 17.


Are you excited to dive back under the sea with Finding Dory?


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