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Tonight, I went to go see X-Men: Apocalypse for the first time. I did not set high expectations going into the film and I came out quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Was it an outstanding movie? No. Was it the best X-Men movie to date? Absolutely not. However, I thought it was a really entertaining film all around. The movie presented some really good things yet some really bad things. All in all, I would rank this slightly above the average comic book movie, and either the third or fourth X-Men movie — and that's not bad. It only looks bad when you have Captain America: Civil War — one of the best comic book movies ever (the best, in my opinion) — come out three weeks before it.

One of the best parts of the movie was a cameo by Wolverine. We only saw him for a short time as he escapes from the Weapon X lab, but it may have been the most violent we have ever seen him, as he shreds apart men without even blinking. It was truly one of the more epic scenes we have seen in an X-Men film thus far. I think the cameo was very efficient at getting us excited for the final Wolverine film. The best part is that it is rated-R. If Wolverine was this intense in a PG-13 movie, I cannot even imagine what it will be like to see him in an R-rated movie. However, this cameo wasn't the only part of the movie that set up for Wolverine 3.

The Post-Credits Scene

In X-Men: Apocalypse, we see a cleaning crew cleaning up the mess Wolverine left behind from his cameo appearance in Stryker's Weapon X lab. We see a mysterious man in a suit looking at an x-ray of Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and a "Weapon X" vial of blood. He places both of them in his briefcase. Then, the logo on his briefcase is revealed: It reads "Essex Corp."

After the scene ended, two guys sitting behind me said: "Only hardcore Marvel fans will understand that." Well, he was right, as that was a huge reveal for who the villain is for Wolverine 3.

Mr. Sinister Could Be the Villain for Wolverine 3

Diehard Marvel fans like myself will automatically pair Essex Corp with none other than the menacing Marvel villain Mr. Sinister a.k.a. Nathaniel Essex. Essex was a biologist in England who was obsessed with Darwin’s theory of evolution and developed advanced theories on human evolution. He felt Darwin and his generation were fettered by too many moral constraints. He has superhuman abilities with telekinesis powers. Professor X will also be appearing alongside Wolverine for the movie, so it does connect the two. On top of those powers, Mr. Sinister has the ability to implant the genes of other mutants into his own. That could definitely play out in a very interesting way.

I originally predicted that Mr. Sinister would be the villain for the X-Force movie (which is still possible), but Bryan Singer has already proved with the X-Men: Days of Future Past post-credits scene that he likes to tease the upcoming villain for the next movie, which is Wolverine 3. Technically, that isn't the next X-Men or X-Force movie, as it is a solo movie. X-Men: Days of Future Pass didn't set up Fan4stic or Deadpool, but the next installment in the X-Men franchise: X-Men: Apocalypse. Either way, we will most likely be seeing Mr. Sinister pop up on the big screen soon and it is a very exciting thought.

How did YOU guys like X-Men: Apocalypse? Is Mr. Sinister the villain for Wolverine 3? Tell me below!


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