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Is everyone ready for another wild and crazy fan theory?

Coming from Reddit (like most fan theories do), this one makes a pretty good case for Dash, Mr. Incredible's speedy son, becoming the villain in The Incredibles 2!

We've already talked about the need for an Incredibles Cinematic Universe, and discussed whether or not The Incredibles 2 will deviate from the Pixar theory, but this theory would certainly be an interesting twist in the lives of our favorite super family.

About a month ago, Reddit user Professor_Wonder put together a nice little story about Dash getting a little disgruntled for not being allowed to fully use his powers.

What do you get when you tell a teenage boy not to do something?

A teenage boy doing it anyway!

The theory is a few paragraphs long, but the last one sums it up:

So my full theory is for the general plot of the sequel taking a popular, jock-y Dash going down a dark road, being coaxed by the former maker of caped-super suits who wants to get back at the supers by creating a suit for Dash that gives him his father's strength, his mother's flexibility, and his sister's invulnerability. Jack Jack winds up being the one who has to stop Dash, and Edna somehow out-suits the suit maker and some kind of female love interest of Dash's is involved.

Not bad! Much better than little Jack Jack becoming the bad guy!

Read the full theory and fellow Redditors' reactions here.

According to IMDB, the release date for The Incredibles 2 is June 21, 2019. Plenty of time to come up with more theories!

Who do you think should be the villain in The Incredibles 2?


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