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Hot off the Cannes red carpet, British actor Colin Firth is apparently now in talks to star in submarine disaster movie Kursk, 16 years since the Russian nuclear-powered submarine sunk during a naval exercise in the Barents Sea in 2000. Killing all 118 personnel on board, the K-141 vessel continues to be regarded as one of the most tragic maritime disasters in recent years.

Colin Firth is to board the Kursk

Although details remain limited, acting veteran Colin Firth is close to being confirmed in the EuropaCrop. blockbuster.

The project is to be directed by Danish Thomas Vinterberg, who is working with Saving Private Ryan screen-writer Robert Rodat to bring to life the story that gripped the world in the early 2000s.

At the time of its sinking, there was much controversy surrounding the Kursk, the submarine that was named after a Russian city of the same name which witnessed the largest tank battle in history during the Second World War in 1943. The race to save the sailors aboard the vessel at the bottom of the ocean was met with numerous political obstacles, leading to great criticism of Russian president Vladimir Putin and his regime.

The K-141 submarine before the disaster
The K-141 submarine before the disaster

Colin Firth's involvement in the movie Kursk will follow these events, focusing on the 23 sailors who survived, desperately left to await for rescue whilst gasping for their last breaths of air. The screenplay is said to be being adapted from Robert Moore's book called A Time To Die.

Kursk isn't Colin Firth's only project in the pipeline

In fact, the actor is keeping himself exceptionally busy with a slew of titles coming up in the near future. Alongside his near-confirmed participation in the Kursk feature, Colin Firth also has sequels Bridget Jones's Baby and Kingsman: The Golden Circle hitting the big screens in the next couple of years. Additionally, he is set to appear opposite Nichole Kidman and Jude Law in Genius:

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