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Yes, yes... We know Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make the cutest and hottest Hollywood couples list, but they need to give the others a fighting chance here. Did you hear what Reynolds did for his wife at the Cannes Film Festival? At this point, it's so selfless it's selfish. Give the others a running start!

In an interview with British Vogue, Blake Lively, who recently starred in Café Society, threw Reynolds under the bus by confessing to her hubby's 2-year-old red carpet crimes.

"He actually broke a Cannes rule, and snuck away from the rest of his cast and came back and picked me up so we got to walk the red carpet together. To be there at Cannes with him, thinking: "Wow he has a film at the Cannes Film Festival - what a big deal" was so special."

Had enough of the cute romance yet? Well, it's not over yet. Not only is there a second baby on the way, but there's more to the story.

Pregnant Blake Lively At Cannes Film Festival 2016/Celebuzz
Pregnant Blake Lively At Cannes Film Festival 2016/Celebuzz

Lively also gave some context as to why her baby daddy's actions were even more significant. There's a lot we don't know about Blake Lively. Turns out, the goddess-like actress can get a bit nervous when it comes to Cannes paparazzi:

"They clear the carpet, which is unique - you never have another red carpet where it's just the one person standing there. It's actually incredibly intimidating!"

Well, it's official. Everyone else might as well break up now, because they lost the competition.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively/Tumblr
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively/Tumblr

Let's see if you can compete: What's the sweetest thing a significant other has ever done for you?

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