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Marvel fans had high hopes for the new 'Steve Rogers: Captain America' series by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, especially with the major success of the cinematic Cap franchise. But, Marvel made a bold and unorthodox change to the fan favorite character... Ready? Okay.

From 'Steve Rogers: Captain America #1'
From 'Steve Rogers: Captain America #1'


"Hail Hydra" - These two words have conjured up a storm in the comic reading community as fans are outraged at the fact that the most "boy scouty" character in all of comics has been a villain the whole time.

"What possessed Marvel to do such a thing?" I hear you ask. Well it's simple really, they wanted to get people talking again, and what better way to do so than give one of their most iconic heroes a nefarious twist?

"Will this bleed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?" Certainly not. The MCU Cap franchise is Marvel's most successful besides the Avengers and they wouldn't want to take the risk with such a (possibly) character breaking decision.

My advice would be to just trust the publisher. Marvel knows what they're doing and this won't be the only major twist in this series, I can almost certainly guarantee it.

Why you shouldn't worry: This will certainly not stick as many of our favorite characters have had villain runs before, i.e Iron Man & Spider-Man and this particular arc will probably finish in around 10 issues or so. It will probably be revealed that Red Skull brainwashed Cap into working for Hydra and our beloved American poster-boy will be restored to his former glory soon enough.

So fear not, the Cap we all know and love will inevitably return to punching space monsters and Hydra operatives in the face in the near future.


What do you guys think? Could this be the true evolution of Steve Rogers? Or is it just a marketing scheme to attract new readers? Let us know!


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