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More often than not, boring is an adjective used to describe Cyclops more often than not. While he may be a goody two shoes at times (okay, a lot of the time) Cyclops is far from boring. Sure, he doesn't throw cars, he doesn't go around killing people, and even his eye beams aren't lasers. But boring he is not. With a young Cyclops making his debut in X-Men: Apocalypse, I figured this is a great time to show the world some great moments from Scott "Slim" Summers.

Cyclops VS The X-Men

Cyclops and The X-Men just went toe-to-toe with an omega level mutant by the name of Proteus and lost badly. Proteus has the power to alter reality and it completely shook the X-Men to their core. Proteus even left Wolverine shaking. Cyclops saw what Proteus did to his team (and himself), and decided to do something a lot of leaders have to do in dire straits. He played the villain. He throws coffee in order to get Wolverine up and angry. Mission accomplished. Wolverine goes and tries to literally rip Cyclops apart. This gets Storm and Nightcrawler and Colossus involved in this tussle as well . Cyclops ends the fight smiles and calls a truce. Obviously, the X-Men were well past upset with Cyclops. Cyclops explained that this was a ploy to get his team's head in the game. It worked like a charm. The X-Men got their act together and it was all due to Cyclops' leadership skills and faith in his team.

Cyclops: To Me My X-Men

The X-Men were in space and about to be shot down by alien spaceships under the order of their leader Kruun from planet Breakworld. Outnumbered and certainly outgunned, Cyclops did what he does best; he came up with a plan. He reminded his team that they have an ace up their sleeve; Leviathan. Cyclops takes a ship and attempts to stave off the attackers while the X-Men make their way to Breakworld's moon (which Beast notices is no moon) try to and stop Kruun and his army from destroying Earth. Unfortunately, Cyclops' ship is shot down and Cyclops dies. Good thing dying was part of Cyclops' plan.

Cyclops knew that if Kruun thought Cyclops had information that he'd need, he would bring Cyclops back to life just like he did Colossus after he sacrificed himself to save mutants from the Legacy Virus. Cyclops knew that this was a big gamble, but, thankfully, it worked. Cyclops told Kruun it was obvious he'd being listening since it was Kruun's ship the X-men were in. Kruun grabs Cyclops and asks what else he was hiding. Cyclops smiles and reveals that he does have access to his powers and optic blasts Kruun and knocks him out. Cyclops Cyclops plan worked so well that even his teammates didn't see parts of Cyclops' plan coming. They may have known the plan, but they didn't know he had access to his powers. Sometimes things need to be held closer to the chest. His team may not have liked the call, but they followed his play anyway because they trust him.

Creating X-Force

The mutant race have been decimated and mutants have continued to die at an alarming rate. It was time to stop playing defense and go on the offensive. Cyclops put a team together of his best trackers and fighters and assembled X-Force. The X-Men don't kill, but these weren't the X-Men. Their job was simple. They were to take out threats to the mutant community permanently. This was the first time Cyclops thought this far outside of the box. When some of the X-Men found out, they weren't happy. But in the grand scheme of things, it needed to be done. If there is ever going to be an X-Force movie, the kill squad is he way to go.

X-Men VS The Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men

Cyclops did warn him
Cyclops did warn him

Norman Osborn had been outclassed and played by Cyclops and was now on his way to deliver some payback with his heavy hitters; The Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men. While the X-Men may have had more members, Norman's teams well out powered the mutant heroes. But Cyclops, as always, hada plan. No matter how outmatched Norman thought The X-Men were, Cyclops had a counter. Cyclops had been studying Norman's team for days and knew all of their weaknesses. Weaknesses he easily exploited. When it was all said and done, the X-Men stood tall in front of cameras broadcasting to the entire world, and they watched as Norman and his teams retreated with their tails between their legs. Norman may have goneon to say it was all part of his plan, but Norman knew that he not only lost that battle, he lost the war as well.


People are still going to say that Cyclops is boring. He doesn't kill, he isn't ruthless and he isn't exciting. Again, those statements may be true, but you can't deny that he is a bad man with great ideas and plans that are rarely defeated.

Boring? Too much of a boy scout? Let me know in the comments below.


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