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Although DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was met with mixed reviews, there were a few moments that most fans can agree were great. Gal Gadot, who made her debut appearance as Wonder Woman, was undeniably badass and a standout character.

Check out the clip below in case you need a refresher:

With her upcoming standalone Wonder Woman film set for release next year, it should come as no surprise that DC is starting to increase visibility on one of its most prominent superheroines.

Earlier today, Mattel unveiled a new Barbie doll modeled after Gadot's Wonder Woman. Check it out below:

Courtesy of Mattel.
Courtesy of Mattel.

The aesthetic of the miniaturized version of the Amazonian princess includes her Themysciran shield, bulletproof bracelets, Lasso of Truth, tiara, cape and the Sword of Athena. The doll's costume is notably more vibrant than what we saw in Dawn of Justice, but I'm not complaining.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of caveats to this latest addition to the Barbie collection. Firstly, this exclusive collectible doll will only be available this summer at San Diego Comic-Con from July 20–24. And secondly, becoming the proud owner of the Wonder Woman Barbie comes with the hefty price tag of $80.

Courtesy of DC/Mattel.
Courtesy of DC/Mattel.

If you're a true Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman fan, don't let these small hurdles get in your way! Pre-order will start on June 17 at

DC's standalone Wonder Woman movie will be released on June 2, 2017.


Would you buy the Wonder Woman Barbie?

(Source: USA Today)


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