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This week, Marvel dropped a bombshell in its comic book end of things when the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers revealed an enormous plot twist 75 years in the making: Steve Rogers was Hydra all along. It was shocking and unexpected and fans, didn't take it well.

In fact, "unbridled outrage" might be a good way to describe it. As writer Nick Spencer already stated, this isn't a clone, or the result of brainwashing. He's not a Life Model Decoy. It's the real Steve Rogers. It's making waves because it seemingly violates everything that Captain America has ever stood for in his three quarters of a century of existence.

Needless to say, the reveal left left many of us unable to say anything other than...

"What the fuck" pretty much sums up what we were all feeling, to varying degrees. But some fans took it harder than others, even going so far as to say they were officially breaking off their relationship with Marvel.

But the outrage has grown beyond the bounds of being about a mere character. Unlike the other characters of the Marvel pantheon, Captain America symbolizes something greater than one single man. Whether rightly or wrongly, there have long been comparisons drawn between Hydra and Nazis, and some fans feel this storyline is hugely disrespectful to those who died in the Holocaust. It's also being viewed as a slap in the face to Captain America's Jewish creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, with Stan Lee in the background.

It's worth noting, however, that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves wrote a Captain America storyline in the '60s in which Steve Rogers was brainwashed into being a Nazi agent, complete with snapping off a Nazi salute.

It all seems to point to the conclusion that Marvel is running out of ideas, and this is a desperate move meant to boost sales - at least, that's what some fans suspect.

Still, it's not all doom and gloom from every fan. Some are channeling their inner Joker and cackling with delighted glee at the chaos this has caused. Apparently, there were a lot of Hydra sleeper agents in the Marvel fanbase out there...

Giving some of y'all a hard side-eye. A hard side-eye. You guys are a little too excited about the prospect of being able to openly hail Hydra now.

Of course, the memes have already started pouring forth. So, so many memes. And they are hilarious.

But somewhere between the livid outrage and the perverse glee is a peaceful valley. A land where the reasonable and the rational gather to point out that a.) this isn't the first time, nor will it be the last that comic books have thrown huge twists into the mix only to retcon them or explain them by the end and b.) there's still a whole lot of story left to tell and maybe we shouldn't be ready to burn it all to the ground after the very first issue.

No matter what, though, I think we can all agree on this much:

Captain Steve Rogers: 100% America.

What do you think of the huge twist? Sound off in the comments! And remember...

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