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Recently, while re-watching the nostalgic magnificence that is the original Star Wars trilogy, I was awestruck like never before from noticing some of the more eloquent qualities of the films with my newer, older, more finely tuned eyeballs...

For the truly authentic “Han Shot First” Oscar winning experience, this time around, I managed to get my hands on Harmy’s despecialized edition of the films. A fan edit project with the goal to reconstruct the original theatrical releases at a quality comparable to the high-definition medium of our time. If you’re interested, the video featured below explains how the independent teams lovingly remastering the movies using only the best source material to clean up and include in the final presentation. It’s even rumoured that George Lucas himself has these versions in his personal collection.

Back to the awestrickeness – One of the things that really stands out is how much of an amazing job the special effects studio, ‘Industrial Light and Magic’ did on the films. In particular, the men responsible for the hand painted backdrop tomfoolery that we get to be wonderfully tricked by throughout the course of the saga. If you didn’t notice before, the pictures below (and your next trip to episodes 4-6) will be most illuminating.

It’s an interesting fact that most of the more technologically advanced looking background scenes used in the films were actually matte oil painted canvas creations made by artists such as the legendary, Ralph McQuarrie, Chris Evans, Michael Pangrazio, Frank Ordaz and Harrison Ellenshaw.

Check out some of the super detailed wonders that were used in the movies below. EnJoy!

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