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The latest X-Men movie from director Bryan Singer is already projected to win the Memorial Day weekend, after taking in an impressive $8.2 million during Thursday night previews.

X-Men: Apocalypse was able to outperform Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass by nearly $7 million. Even better, it beat Days of Future Past's own Thursday opening by $.1 million.

Apocalypse is projected to take in around $80 million over the holiday weekend, with experts predicting $60 million for Alice. Certainly not a bad showing for Marvel's mutants, but still paling in comparison to Days of Future Past's ultimate Memorial Day weekend haul of $110.5 million.

Even though we theorized that nothing short of a Fantastic Four-level disaster could sway Fox's intention to continue the X-Men franchise, it's still nice to see that the new film is tracking well despite less-than-stellar reviews.

(Source: Variety)


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