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According to recent rumors, Daniel Craig is done with Bond! A recent news report made by The Telegraph stated:

Daniel Craig, the actor who has played James Bond for four films, has reportedly told studio bosses he is 'done' with the role as speculation mounts about his replacement.

While rumors are yet to be confirmed by Craig or Sony, speculation has risen which British actor will grace the big screen as the next James Bond. In light of the recent news, I've picked five actors who I personally feel deserve a shot at the role of our favorite British agent!

1. James McAvoy

McAvoy started to become a household name as soon as he graced our screens as Professor X/Charles Xavier in X-Men:First Class. He's proven he can be just as cocky as Bond, as seen in Filth. A big bonus on McAvoy's part, is he did his own stunts for Wanted. Surely the studio would be impressed by his track record.

2. Ben Whishaw

Mind the hair.
Mind the hair.

Whishaw has proven he can play clever, and deliver fast quips as seen in Skyfall and Spectre. Although he has played Q in both films, he's proven his worth to grace the big screen as our favorite British spy! Plus, even though Whishaw is 35, he looks young. This could allow him to play the role for years to come!

3. Henry Cavill


Although Cavill has become well known due to his role as Superman, director Martin Campbell had considered him for the role of Bond while in the pre-production phase of Casino Royale! Although Craig ultimately became Bond, Cavill lost out due to being "too young." He's definitely proven he's spy material, especially in his role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

4. Jon Hamm

If chosen, Jon Hamm would be the first American actor to ever play James Bond. He's performed a perfect British accent, as seen in A Young Doctor's Notebook. His role in the short series as an older Dr. Vladimir Bomgard, has proven he's surely Bond material.

5. Ben Barnes

Bond. James Bond.
Bond. James Bond.

Mostly known for his role as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia, a role as Bond could be a major turning point for the actor. Although his role as Caspian wasn't much, I feel Barnes would bring a certain British charm to the role of Bond.

Who is your pick for the next James Bond?


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