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Big news in the world of comic books this week, as geeks around the globe are reacting to the latest issue of Captain America. It seems that after all this time, Steve Rogers was actually a Hydra agent all along, and before anyone makes an argument that it's a clone of Captain America or an imposter, you can think again. The writers have immediately debunked all those theories and have declared that this is the Steve Rogers we all know and love. 'A lot of comic fans haven't exactly been welcoming this news with praise.

Many fans are saying that it's a complete piece of trash writing, and a betrayal of the character we all know and love. Some are even going further by saying that it's one of the worst things Marvel has ever done, period. Really? I mean... really? The worst thing Marvel has ever done? Ever? I bet I can come up with a few worse moments from Marvel comics that can outdo Captain America as a Hydra agent. Let's start with:

1. Punisher becomes a hitman for God

You think Captain America becoming a Hydra agent is bad, wait until you read about Punisher turning into an angel hitman. Thank our lucky stars that Garth Ennis was able to bring the character back to his former glory a mere seven years later. In the story, after committing suicide, Frank is resurrected as an angel with red eyes and a sigil on his forehead. He wields two spiked machine guns that shoot lasers which he uses to murder small time crooks and villains. Yep, Frank basically turned into God's personal hitman, and it's just about as dumb as you can imagine.

2. Spider-Man mutates into a giant pregnant spider and gives birth to himself

Marvel hasn't always been so kind to Spider-Man fans over the years, as the majority of their worst comic book moments belong to the famed Web-Head. In this storyline, Spider-Man is battling against a new villain called the Queen who manages to transform Spider-Man into a giant spider with a kiss - your guess is as good as mine. However, it's soon revealed that Spider-Man transformed into a giant pregnant spider - because obviously.

But to make matters more confusing, the giant spider dies suddenly out of nowhere and out pops Peter Parker as naked as the first day he was born. This storyline gave birth to Spider-Man's organic webbing and I gotta say - it could have been introduced a little better.

3. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's... special relationship

This comic book moment is so infamous for being both shocking and slightly uncomfortable. After Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch escape from the their father's evil brotherhood, they find out that they have stronger feelings for each other than they thought, and start an incestuous relationship. I won't go into too much detail with this one as it is so infamous for how weird it is, but I will leave you with this. While doing it for the first time, Wolverine creeps up and watches them from the bushes... oh yeah, they went there.

4. Norman Osborn rapes Gwen Stacy and uses their offspring to attack Spider-Man

Ok seriously - who actually wrote out this story and thought to themselves that this was a great idea for a Spider-Man story? Not only is it probably one of the most WTF storylines to come from Spider-Man, but it also takes a huge turd on one of the most iconic Spider-Man storylines ever. Remember that amazing story about the death of Gwen Stacey that pretty much ended the silver age of comics, named Green Goblin as Spider-Man’s archnemesis and helped define Spider-Man for a new generation of comic readers?

Well, here's a story where Norman Osborn humped a pair of evil twins into her and used them to help him defeat Spider-Man. This isn’t the only time Marvel has intentionally and horribly destroyed one of Spider-Man’s relationships but it's definitely up there as one of the worst- maybe even worse than Captain America's Hydra reveal.

5. Sam Wilson sleeps with minor

There was a point in the comics where Sam Wilson takes new superhero Jet Zola back to his place for some action. However, Jet had just recently spent 12 years in Dimension Z and when she entered the dimension she was described as being just an infant. Being in Dimension Z, she apparently aged more rapidly than a normal person but was still chronologically and mentally 12 years old. But hey, that's still not as bad as Captain America turning into a Hydra agent right?

This comic actually stirred up so much controversy that the head writer was fired immediately.

This isn't a betrayal of a character we all know and love. This is just Marvel trying something new and different with one of their most iconic franchises. It did exactly what it was suppose to do, which was surprise us and get us intrigued for another Captain America series. Let's wait and see what writer, Nick Spencer has in store for the Star-Spangled Man and hope that it's as exciting and thrilling as we hope it is. And for those who still think that it's a slap in the face of an iconic hero, just remember one important thing... Marvel has done so much worse.

Do you still think Captain America's Hydra reveal is the worst thing Marvel has ever done?


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