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This weekend, the highly anticipated Fox film X-Men: Apocalypse finally lands on US soil. While we're all busy looking forward to seeing Apocalypse in theaters, director Bryan Singer is keeping an eye on the future of the franchise.

When the longtime X-Men director was asked in a recent interview with Fandango whether the original cast would be involved in one last more movie before hanging up their suits for good, he responded favorably at the prospect:

“I hope so. I went and saw Patrick Stewart’s wife sing at a local venue with Ian McKellen. The two of us were sitting there watching Patrick’s lovely wife sing, and I was thinking, ‘yeah, at some point it would be lovely to see them all again.’ They’re all great actors and great people, and I had great experiences with them. I’d love to see that happen — it’s just you have to figure it out. How do you do that? You can’t do it for the sake of doing it, you have to do it right.”

Singer went on to state that he hopes to give one last movie to the original characters as a way of finishing things:

“I like finishing things. I like finishing this particular iteration. I know X-Men 3 was quite rushed and I didn’t complete it, and I felt a little like it was probably my responsibility to do that as a filmmaker, and I didn’t.”

After the ending of Days of Future Past essentially wiped the future slate clean, almost anything can happen in the X-Men universe. Bringing back cast members from the 2001 film like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden for one final film would be a great way to close the chapter on their timelines.

X-Men: Apocalypse is open in theaters today.


Do you want to see the original cast come back one last time?

(Source: Fandango)


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