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Yes, we live in an age where just about every major comic book movie (except for Batman v Superman) is followed with a glorious after-credits scene to set up the next upcoming super-flick. X-Men: Apocalypse had an interesting after-credits scene that did wonders for hyping up hardcore X-Men comic fans, but when I walked out of theater, I overheard a lot of confusion from those not familiar with the lore.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing the X-Men: Apocalypse after-credits sequence in great detail. If you don't want the clip spoiled for you, then I advise you to click away.

Alright, time for a quick recap of the scene. The clip opens up back in Stryker's base, after Wolverine's berserker rampage. Men dressed in suits walk the halls and enter a room where one of the suited fellows picks up a vial labeled "Weapon X." That's right, it's Wolverine's blood.

The man places the vial in a briefcase with various other vials. He then closes the briefcase, revealing the words Essex Corp. After the scene ended and I walked out of the theater hearing confused moviegoers asking the question on everyone's mind: "What's Essex?"

They are asking the wrong question. The better question is:

Who Is Essex?

Nathaniel Essex is a brilliant scientist who was obsessed with evolution and the nature of mutation in general. In the comics, Essex encountered Apocalypse, who turned Essex into a mutant with telekinetic powers. It was then that he became Mister Sinister, one of the harshest foes that the X-Men ever had to face.

Sinister specialized in genetic research, and created many clones of various mutants and superheroes over the years. He even used mutant DNA to give himself more powers, making him stronger and stronger over time. He doesn't age, he's been able to shape-shift, and he can even heal himself similar to the way Wolverine can.

So, what does this Sinister fellow mean for future X-Men films? Why was he teased in the after-credits scene?

Cloning Is About To Become Very Important

Seeing as the scene was largely focused on Wolverine, it's safe to say that the studios are setting up Mister Sinister to be the Big Bad of the third and final Wolverine movie. And with the newly acquired vial of Weapon X blood, it seems like Wolverine's genetics and DNA will be a major part of the upcoming film.

Remember when I said that Sinister had a history with cloning? Well, Wolverine has a female clone in the comics named X-23. X-23 was raised as a killer, and she's ended up fighting Wolverine on several occasions.

Since Hugh Jackman has one more major hurrah as Wolverine, it makes complete sense for them to introduce X-23 as both a rival and future successor to the star mutant.

But the post-credits scene isn't just about Wolverine's third and final outing, it also sets up the sequel to Deadpool.

Quick Recap

Mister Sinister looking very sinister
Mister Sinister looking very sinister

So, in the after-credits scene, Essex Corp got ahold of Weapon X blood, which means that Nathaniel Essex, the genius geneticist Mister Sinister, now has plenty of Wolverine's DNA. This gives him the ability to create Wolverine's clone, X-23, who has been long speculated to appear in Wolverine's third and final solo outing.

I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion regarding the Apocalypse after-credits scene. If you still have any questions, let me know in the comments below or e-mail me at [email protected]!

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